Friday, 18 March 2016


A few weeks ago an Etsy newsletter dropped into my inbox and it piqued my interest as it was all about desk decor - you can see the Etsy desk edit here

It piques my interest as I was about to move offices and thus desks and I got to thinking about what my dream desk would be adorned with.

I started along the lines of something very modern and minimalist and then I went completely the other way and was dreaming of vintage lamps and rolodex's and finally taking inspiration from the hundreds of favourites I have saved over the years that it would really need to be a kitschy bright affair to make me smile everyday.

I hope in time I will be able to add a few of the below to my desk....

Neon Pink, Yellow & Black Cuckoo Clock. Working Condition.Life is like a camera, gifts for her, Easter basket filler for teens, photography quotes, quote about cameras, positive quote, floral cameraLarge Bronze DInosaur; Tillandsia; Dinosaur planter; Planter; Desk Accessory; Unique Gift; Office DecorWeekly Planner Notepad / Desk Pad Planner  / To Do List Notepad / A5 Desk Planner, Weekly Agenda & Organizer / Productivity PlannerFunny Pencil set of 3, blunt bitch, back to school, quote pencil, pastel colour, stationary, pretty, pink green blue, pen, draw, quotes
Tina Don't have a crap attack front 11 oz White Ceramic MugTrophy Rhino PRE CUT "The Big Five" DIY 1Edward Scissorhands Art Doll - Sculpture - Articulated Wooden Figure - Unusual Art - Original Pop Art - Hand paintedHowl's Moving Castle Calcifer Pencil/Pen Pot Desk TidyBoston Terrier Pencil Case Aztec Pattern
Salvador Dali Portrait Art Print - Surreal collage art posterMacaron Eraser Set...Hard Work Notebook - made from stone - with isometric and golden section printBronze Dinosaur Mason JarPersonalised Desk Organiser For Her

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This cuckoo clock (1) has been in my favourites for ages. If I could see this on the wall over my desk if would just make me smile.

Its the same with the prints - There are days when I am sure considering the quote (2) could put things in perspective and the Dali print (11) would just inspire my creativity.

 We are a bit dinosaur mad in our house and having a desk plant (3) is very good for you I hear so it being in a dinosaur is just an added bonus. And having a(nother) pot  (14) to be filled with paper clips (or more likely sweet treats) can never be a bad thing.

My absolute favourite though has to be the Edward Scissorhands (8)  Articulated Wooden Figure. In my head I imagine coming in every day to find someone has moved him and put him in a new pose and I then spend hours trying to figure out who is doing it and what it means. In all reality if I had one and this did happen it would be the cleaner accidentally knocking it as he dusted but that's not quite as exciting. 

If you have any Etsy favourites or posts on your desk decor please do share. 


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