Monday, 4 January 2016

WWCW // Denim Jacket with Patches

My first ever style icon was Clarissa which is probably showing my age somewhat and I have decided that 2016 is the year I go back to my (un)fashion(able) roots and make clothes fun again.

To do this I am going to ask myself...


Answer number 1 is a pair of denim shorts with patches which isn't really suitable given my age so the next best thing..

A denim jacket with patches along the lines of these...

I have yet to get the jacket (off to eBay I go) but I have already decided on a number of patches and pins (all of which are from Etsy) which as always I wanted to share.

My Little Pony Applique Rarity Iron on patch HA
Pawnee Goddesses Patch
Plague Survivor Geek Merit Badge Patch
Fashion Plates Patch
Thick Thighs Saves Lives embroidered patch
Anne Boleyn Necklace Patch
Tiny Embroidered Alien Patch 2inch, iron or sew on, CUSTOM COLORS!
Coey: BACKORDER X-Files Patches
Round Snow White iron-on patch
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait UFO alien embroidered patch 3" by Mike Haddad
2 PATCH PACK: Cryptozoology Tracking Society
Zombie Survival Iron On Patch Pink
80s Bubblgum Iron On Patch By Jess Warby
Little Miss Bad in Mr. Men & Friends Series Embroidered Iron On / Sew On Patch
What Would Gandhi Do Iron on Patch
Stick of BUTTER Patch w/ Iron On Back BakerS Dairy Farmers Forget BaCoN it's Better with Butter! FrEE shipping!

1" Aldous huxley pin. Enamel pin. Badge. Brave New World. Author. Pin game. Dystopian writer. Doors of Perception. Psychedelic
Jonny Snowcone soft enamel pin
Pin Snow Leopard Brooch Badge Enamel Animal Black and White
Live Fat Die Yum Bear Enamel Pin
We are the Weirdos, Mister... Enamel Pin with clutch back // The Craft, cult lapel pins, Witch
Geometric Heart Enamel Pin
Hurty Paw Sloth Pin
Socks and Sandals Enamel Pin
UFO enamel pin
Rare E.T. Enamel 1.5" Pin. 1980s Bootleg Deadstock E.T The Extra Terrestrial Alien Enamel Lapel Pin. E.T. 80s EnamelPin.
Satan Sees All Pin
Black Popsicle Enamel Pin
SALE* Explicitly Content enamel Pin - very Limited Edition
Another cactus pin
BEETLEJUICE Enamel / Lapel Pin
Set of *3* enamel gemstones pins

Please do share links to your favourite Etsy pins and patches and share your blogs and patch related posts below and I will make sure to update with progress pics as my jacket comes along.



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