Friday, 29 January 2016

The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Step 2 // The questionnaire

I think I am alone in approaching ‘the questionnaire’ with utter fear and if you are reading this and are rational in mind and see a questionnaire as just a fact finding mission you could probably read the next paragraph and leave there.

Once you sign up to the plan you are introduced to your point of contact, (mine is Elliot), asked to set up an online portal on the website which takes all of 10 seconds, and then told to complete the questionnaire. It is this questionnaire which covers in detail your past history with diets, your medical history, an average food diary and your level of exercise (though no question about whether you are a gym member????). You also need to submit 3 pictures so your body build/type can be ascertained as this could impact your plan.

Rational non-emotional people could leave here. I am about to share my truthful experience and I know everyone is going to be different and people may find me over emotional etc. etc. but it’s my feelings and I feel like sharing them.

With no idea what to expect I was scared of the questionnaire before I even looked at it. I signed up to this plan as I have failed to diet on my own, and I felt like anything I said would cement this is black and white. I know I have no will power and my nearest and dearest have come to expect one fad diet after another, but I didn't like the idea that a stranger would see this admission.

I’m obviously over that now as I’m writing this.

Has anyone else seen the Bones episode where Tempy accuses parents of beating their child and it actually turns out the child was obese but the damage to the bones etc. is the same??

Perhaps and only because of that I felt like giving someone my medical details which include bad knees, poor posture, migraines and the list really does go way on was my confession of self-abuse which petrified me.

And then there was the food diary – well mine was taken in a period over Christmas where I ate more chocolate than I would have done for the rest of the year and consumed my body weight in alcohol when in reality I only drink on special occasions or if I need to eat/drink away my sorrows and fish and chips just isn't enough.

I also mentioned I had done slimming world and weight watchers and obviously failed at theses, and all these things just add up to the picture my trainer must have of me.

And then there were the pictures!!!

My husband kindly offered to take them for me as a selfie was completely out of the question but then it turns out I had to edit the pictures anyway (to cut my head off) so couldn't get away with submitting them without looking at them.

I cried when I saw them and then I cried even more when I uploaded them.

I am not embarrassed about my size, but looking at those pics all I could see was my high blood pressure and my migraines and my knee problems.

I felt very vulnerable sending these to a person I didn’t know.

I am upset with my own reaction though – it is peoples amazing bravery in sharing their before and after photos that spurred me on to sign up and at the moment (when I lose the weight I want to) I am not sure I would be happy to have my pictures shared especially given the fat shaming I see on-line every day.

Moving on and putting logical brain into gear, I know for a fact that these people are true professionals and have helped people of a similar size to me and in a similar state of health (its why I signed up in the first place !!!!!) and will not be judging me in the slightest. I feel like the whole plan is genuinely aimed at helping people and so my reaction to the questionnaire was a pure emotional one.

I am sure the emotions will visit me along the journey but for now I am attacking the plan as methodically and logically as I can.

Next time I will be writing about my C1 plan, and you can catch up on my thoughts on the joining process here.

My tip for step 2 – the questionnaire took me 2 days to fill in as I struggled with the food diary. If you’re thinking of signing up keep a food diary beforehand as it will speed the process up.



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