Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sunday Board Game // Destination Norwich 10th Anniversary Edition

Sunday afternoons in my house are for playing board game - as a family we find playing games a fab way to spend quality time together, have a giggle and enjoy the last of the weekend.

This weekend we were lucky enough to have a new board game to play - Destination Norwich 10th Anniversary Edition.

The concept of the game is simple - it's to earn the most money from your taxi fares as you travel round the city but the traffic lights add some potential bumps in the road and there's always the opportunity to get a tip or send your competition back to the taxi rank.

Knowing Norwich as well as we do added something else to the game - not only were we able to find places quickly but it just seemed that little bit more fun going to places we know and go to regularly.

The artwork is really beautiful !!

The game can change on its head so quickly that it keeps everyone entertained - at one point Gary was on the verge of losing his licence and was paying fines left right and centre, but thanks to one generous tourist and the fact he got back to the taxi rank before anyone else, he managed to win the game by over £100 !!

The Norwich Destination edition is available exclusively from Jarrolds for £24.99.

 I would highly recommend getting a version of the game as it really is great fun for all of the family and a fab way to spend 45 minutes.

Paige also enjoyed the game so much she has also written a blog post and she would be thrilled if you took a look.

You can see if your city has a version here, and if not try the Hogwarts version (which is now on my wish list) or keep an eye on Destinations social media ( Instagram  //  Facebook // Twitter ) for hints that your city may be next.



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