Friday, 29 January 2016

Step 1 accomplished // Choosing a plan - The Body Coach

I have tried to diet on my own before and it never works - I have all the books and all the DVD's and all the exercise equipment but without someone telling me what to do they sit there collecting dust.

So I knew I had to join a group or buy a plan, and having tried slimming world and weight watchers (which worked in the short term, but obviously not long term or I wouldn't be writing this) I knew I needed something different.

Being a keen user of social media (i.e. addict) Joe Wicks - The Body Coach  was all over my feed so I spent my Christmas holiday doing some research into his 90 day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan which in his own words " is not a traditional low calorie deprivation diet. It's an education in fat loss, nutrition and macronutrients where you eat more food than ever and spend less time in the gym."

Initially I dint think the plan was for me - a lot of his testimonials were from people who already ate well and exercised (a lot !!)  and just needed help toning up. To be quite honest I would be really happy to look like most peoples before pictures as to me they all look healthy.

As a side note I should add here, I am not dieting because I am embarrassed of my size at all. If I was healthy at my current weight I wouldn't be changing it for anyone !!

To continue with the scheduled content, I didn't give up on my research and carried on going through more and more pictures and testimonials and I started to see testimonials from more and more people who looked like me and people who hadn't ever done regular exercise, and the after pictures - well some of the transformations were amazing.

You should definitely check them out on his instagram page  as his clients are so inspiring.

Warming towards the idea of the plan, I decided to buy Joe's newly released book (which you can buy here ) because if I didn't like his ethos or food it had saved me £147 and if I did then I could use it to complement the plan.

To cut a very long story short after reading the book I signed up to the plan.

I liked the recipes in the book and despite being petrified of the thought of HIIT workouts I knew I needed to exercise if I was going to start shifting some of the 8 stone I want to lose and rebuild my health to where it should be at 29.

I was then sent a link to fill out a huge questionnaire and given this took me some time to fill in and took me on my own emotional roller coaster I think it deserves it's own post so that will be coming shortly, along with posts on all the other milestones on my 3 month journey,

If your considering a change in diet or embarking on a diet plan I highly recommend checking out Joe's book and Instagram page (and make sure to scroll through lots of testimonials as there will be someone just like you who has achieved the amazing results that you want).



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