Saturday, 2 January 2016

#Buzzoole // For the social media addict

One of my new years resolutions is to blog more and whilst I never intend to make a living from my blog and as such numbers are not important to me, making friends with my readers and having increasingly more interaction with you certainly makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable.

I recently saw a post from Hayley of Tea Party Beauty which alerted me to (an Influencer Marketing Platform) which is a tool for us social media addicts who want to improve their presence and popularity in the world of social networks. As I said above, popularity is not necessarily what I blog for but anything that helps me reach out to my followers is good for me.

Whilst I shall try and explain below what Buzzoole does, this video will do it much more succinctly than I can.

In summary  Buzzoole is a new platform helps its users to discover the topics they are an influencer in (identifying how influential users are within specific topics);  which is necessary to optimize you on-line presence and level of engagement within your social network.

From this it can help you become influential in subjects in which you have a level of expertise and will teach you how to become a potential brand ambassador which you can then be rewarded for.

From analysing my twitter and Facebook feeds my topics look something like this;

I obviously have been a bit lack with tweeting about fashion as I appear to have been talking about sport more !!

Your topics are displayed on your own dashboard along with your 'badges'.  Every badge represents your influence and engagement in a particular category: Social, Campaign related, or Referral badges.  In addition to the assigned rewards for your participation in a Buzzoole campaign, you can get extra credits and special Buzzoole badges that are based on the performance of your articles and social media posts.

I haven't mentioned campaigns as such so let me talk about those for a second, 

From the campaign dashboard you can see all the current campaigns ie the brands who you may be able to work with.

You are able to click into those of interest to you to see if you are influential in circles appropriate to the product. If you are  Buzzoole will have automatically matched you to the campaign and once you have chosen to accept this match you will be presented with the brief.

This could include tweeting using a certain hashtag or writing a blog including a certain link.

Depending upon the complexity of the brief you are then rewarded with credits which can be converted to Amazon vouchers.

Having only just signed up to the site myself, I was very pleasantly surprised to see I have already amassed credits just from registering and adding my social media accounts and so 50 credits (and an Amazon voucher) don't really seem that far away.

Buzzoole also have an extremely generous referrals program, and by getting fellow influencers to sign up you can earn up to £400 in Amazon vouchers.

For each person you get to sign up you earn 1 credit, then in they join a campaign you both get 50 credits. You can find my referral program here*.  If you do not like referral links feel free to use one the first link above to check the site out.

I am excited to spend some time on Buzzoole looking through the campaigns and using the analytics available (in such a user friendly format) to build my influencer network to help me increase the interactions with my readers.

Do let me know if you sign up and feel free to share your views in the comment as always.

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