Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sunday Board Game // Destination Norwich 10th Anniversary Edition

Sunday afternoons in my house are for playing board game - as a family we find playing games a fab way to spend quality time together, have a giggle and enjoy the last of the weekend.

This weekend we were lucky enough to have a new board game to play - Destination Norwich 10th Anniversary Edition.

The concept of the game is simple - it's to earn the most money from your taxi fares as you travel round the city but the traffic lights add some potential bumps in the road and there's always the opportunity to get a tip or send your competition back to the taxi rank.

Knowing Norwich as well as we do added something else to the game - not only were we able to find places quickly but it just seemed that little bit more fun going to places we know and go to regularly.

The artwork is really beautiful !!

The game can change on its head so quickly that it keeps everyone entertained - at one point Gary was on the verge of losing his licence and was paying fines left right and centre, but thanks to one generous tourist and the fact he got back to the taxi rank before anyone else, he managed to win the game by over £100 !!

The Norwich Destination edition is available exclusively from Jarrolds for £24.99.

 I would highly recommend getting a version of the game as it really is great fun for all of the family and a fab way to spend 45 minutes.

Paige also enjoyed the game so much she has also written a blog post and she would be thrilled if you took a look.

You can see if your city has a version here, and if not try the Hogwarts version (which is now on my wish list) or keep an eye on Destinations social media ( Instagram  //  Facebook // Twitter ) for hints that your city may be next.



Friday, 29 January 2016

The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Step 2 // The questionnaire

I think I am alone in approaching ‘the questionnaire’ with utter fear and if you are reading this and are rational in mind and see a questionnaire as just a fact finding mission you could probably read the next paragraph and leave there.

Once you sign up to the plan you are introduced to your point of contact, (mine is Elliot), asked to set up an online portal on the website which takes all of 10 seconds, and then told to complete the questionnaire. It is this questionnaire which covers in detail your past history with diets, your medical history, an average food diary and your level of exercise (though no question about whether you are a gym member????). You also need to submit 3 pictures so your body build/type can be ascertained as this could impact your plan.

Rational non-emotional people could leave here. I am about to share my truthful experience and I know everyone is going to be different and people may find me over emotional etc. etc. but it’s my feelings and I feel like sharing them.

With no idea what to expect I was scared of the questionnaire before I even looked at it. I signed up to this plan as I have failed to diet on my own, and I felt like anything I said would cement this is black and white. I know I have no will power and my nearest and dearest have come to expect one fad diet after another, but I didn't like the idea that a stranger would see this admission.

I’m obviously over that now as I’m writing this.

Has anyone else seen the Bones episode where Tempy accuses parents of beating their child and it actually turns out the child was obese but the damage to the bones etc. is the same??

Perhaps and only because of that I felt like giving someone my medical details which include bad knees, poor posture, migraines and the list really does go way on was my confession of self-abuse which petrified me.

And then there was the food diary – well mine was taken in a period over Christmas where I ate more chocolate than I would have done for the rest of the year and consumed my body weight in alcohol when in reality I only drink on special occasions or if I need to eat/drink away my sorrows and fish and chips just isn't enough.

I also mentioned I had done slimming world and weight watchers and obviously failed at theses, and all these things just add up to the picture my trainer must have of me.

And then there were the pictures!!!

My husband kindly offered to take them for me as a selfie was completely out of the question but then it turns out I had to edit the pictures anyway (to cut my head off) so couldn't get away with submitting them without looking at them.

I cried when I saw them and then I cried even more when I uploaded them.

I am not embarrassed about my size, but looking at those pics all I could see was my high blood pressure and my migraines and my knee problems.

I felt very vulnerable sending these to a person I didn’t know.

I am upset with my own reaction though – it is peoples amazing bravery in sharing their before and after photos that spurred me on to sign up and at the moment (when I lose the weight I want to) I am not sure I would be happy to have my pictures shared especially given the fat shaming I see on-line every day.

Moving on and putting logical brain into gear, I know for a fact that these people are true professionals and have helped people of a similar size to me and in a similar state of health (its why I signed up in the first place !!!!!) and will not be judging me in the slightest. I feel like the whole plan is genuinely aimed at helping people and so my reaction to the questionnaire was a pure emotional one.

I am sure the emotions will visit me along the journey but for now I am attacking the plan as methodically and logically as I can.

Next time I will be writing about my C1 plan, and you can catch up on my thoughts on the joining process here.

My tip for step 2 – the questionnaire took me 2 days to fill in as I struggled with the food diary. If you’re thinking of signing up keep a food diary beforehand as it will speed the process up.



Step 1 accomplished // Choosing a plan - The Body Coach

I have tried to diet on my own before and it never works - I have all the books and all the DVD's and all the exercise equipment but without someone telling me what to do they sit there collecting dust.

So I knew I had to join a group or buy a plan, and having tried slimming world and weight watchers (which worked in the short term, but obviously not long term or I wouldn't be writing this) I knew I needed something different.

Being a keen user of social media (i.e. addict) Joe Wicks - The Body Coach  was all over my feed so I spent my Christmas holiday doing some research into his 90 day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan which in his own words " is not a traditional low calorie deprivation diet. It's an education in fat loss, nutrition and macronutrients where you eat more food than ever and spend less time in the gym."

Initially I dint think the plan was for me - a lot of his testimonials were from people who already ate well and exercised (a lot !!)  and just needed help toning up. To be quite honest I would be really happy to look like most peoples before pictures as to me they all look healthy.

As a side note I should add here, I am not dieting because I am embarrassed of my size at all. If I was healthy at my current weight I wouldn't be changing it for anyone !!

To continue with the scheduled content, I didn't give up on my research and carried on going through more and more pictures and testimonials and I started to see testimonials from more and more people who looked like me and people who hadn't ever done regular exercise, and the after pictures - well some of the transformations were amazing.

You should definitely check them out on his instagram page  as his clients are so inspiring.

Warming towards the idea of the plan, I decided to buy Joe's newly released book (which you can buy here ) because if I didn't like his ethos or food it had saved me £147 and if I did then I could use it to complement the plan.

To cut a very long story short after reading the book I signed up to the plan.

I liked the recipes in the book and despite being petrified of the thought of HIIT workouts I knew I needed to exercise if I was going to start shifting some of the 8 stone I want to lose and rebuild my health to where it should be at 29.

I was then sent a link to fill out a huge questionnaire and given this took me some time to fill in and took me on my own emotional roller coaster I think it deserves it's own post so that will be coming shortly, along with posts on all the other milestones on my 3 month journey,

If your considering a change in diet or embarking on a diet plan I highly recommend checking out Joe's book and Instagram page (and make sure to scroll through lots of testimonials as there will be someone just like you who has achieved the amazing results that you want).



Diet // My plans for 2016

Evening - How are you all ?

As you know I am Tessa and 2016 is going to be the year I kickstart (and make a huge dent in) my 6 stone weightloss journey.

I'm going it alone, probably trying every book, DVD, and gadget out there and I thought I would share my journey on the blog to keep myself accountable so keep your eye out for updated along with some reviews and product features. 

I am keen to start this sharing based relationship with some facts about me

I love food - the greasier the better (and vegetables don't even count as food)

I have no portion control what so ever

I am an 100% through and through emotional eater (bad days in my house are known as fish & chip days)

I have no control over my cravings (going as far as eating foods I know make me ill because I fancy them)

I am beyond unhealthy (my knees swell up when I try and exercise, I get bad heart burn and the most awful migranes which affect me for days at a time)

but now......

2016 is the year I am going to start crossing out the above so I can reach my ever nearing 30's the pinnacle of health (with the body of a Victoria's Secret model). Maybe that is an overstatement as i'm 30 in 8 months but set your sights high and all that

I'm hoping there will be recipe posts, exercise posts, many reviews along side the obligatory stats posts.

I'm sure there will be tears and pain and frustration but hopefully these will be mixed in the odd feeling of having achieved something. 

I would love for you to leave your blog/twitter/instagram names etc if your on a similar journey - the more the merrier !!!


Friday, 22 January 2016

Friday Fun // Farfetch Guess the Designer

I have just spent the last 10 minutes playing this fun Guess the Designer game on Farfetch and thought I would share.

Its a good way to waste a few minutes and wind down for the weekend and a fab excuse to end up on where you can carry out some major window shopping or just actual shopping as there are some really affordable pieces on there.

 I wont share my score as it is pitiful 
though I got 100% on the shoe designers !!

What I will share though are some of the items that caught my eye whilst  I was browsing the site. 


Perhaps this should be the year I also pick up a few designer accessories that will last me forever and I can then hand them  down to Paigey !!   

Do you have a designer wishlist or a favourite piece you own ?? 



Monday, 4 January 2016

WWCW // Denim Jacket with Patches

My first ever style icon was Clarissa which is probably showing my age somewhat and I have decided that 2016 is the year I go back to my (un)fashion(able) roots and make clothes fun again.

To do this I am going to ask myself...


Answer number 1 is a pair of denim shorts with patches which isn't really suitable given my age so the next best thing..

A denim jacket with patches along the lines of these...

I have yet to get the jacket (off to eBay I go) but I have already decided on a number of patches and pins (all of which are from Etsy) which as always I wanted to share.

My Little Pony Applique Rarity Iron on patch HA
Pawnee Goddesses Patch
Plague Survivor Geek Merit Badge Patch
Fashion Plates Patch
Thick Thighs Saves Lives embroidered patch
Anne Boleyn Necklace Patch
Tiny Embroidered Alien Patch 2inch, iron or sew on, CUSTOM COLORS!
Coey: BACKORDER X-Files Patches
Round Snow White iron-on patch
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait UFO alien embroidered patch 3" by Mike Haddad
2 PATCH PACK: Cryptozoology Tracking Society
Zombie Survival Iron On Patch Pink
80s Bubblgum Iron On Patch By Jess Warby
Little Miss Bad in Mr. Men & Friends Series Embroidered Iron On / Sew On Patch
What Would Gandhi Do Iron on Patch
Stick of BUTTER Patch w/ Iron On Back BakerS Dairy Farmers Forget BaCoN it's Better with Butter! FrEE shipping!

1" Aldous huxley pin. Enamel pin. Badge. Brave New World. Author. Pin game. Dystopian writer. Doors of Perception. Psychedelic
Jonny Snowcone soft enamel pin
Pin Snow Leopard Brooch Badge Enamel Animal Black and White
Live Fat Die Yum Bear Enamel Pin
We are the Weirdos, Mister... Enamel Pin with clutch back // The Craft, cult lapel pins, Witch
Geometric Heart Enamel Pin
Hurty Paw Sloth Pin
Socks and Sandals Enamel Pin
UFO enamel pin
Rare E.T. Enamel 1.5" Pin. 1980s Bootleg Deadstock E.T The Extra Terrestrial Alien Enamel Lapel Pin. E.T. 80s EnamelPin.
Satan Sees All Pin
Black Popsicle Enamel Pin
SALE* Explicitly Content enamel Pin - very Limited Edition
Another cactus pin
BEETLEJUICE Enamel / Lapel Pin
Set of *3* enamel gemstones pins

Please do share links to your favourite Etsy pins and patches and share your blogs and patch related posts below and I will make sure to update with progress pics as my jacket comes along.