Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Lime Crime Venus Palette Dupes // Makeup Geek ???

I am very samey with my makeup, especially my eyeshadow, and my preference is very much pale cool toned neutrals.

Becuase of this I was very much surprised with how much the Lime Crime Venus Palette set my heart a flutter.

Its really outside my comfort zone but some of the grungy looks I have seen produced by this palette are just perfect for the weekend.

Plus I think my longing was increased by this years Pantone colour of the year Marsala - a grungy warm brown

The downside is this palette is neigh on impossible to get hold of and so I have written it off as one I wont be owning.

Because of this I have been looking around and have stumbled upon a few Makeup Geek shades that I think are close enough to suit purpose.

What do you think??

 I have never tried any Makeup Geek shadows but they are raved about all over the blogosphere and YT so I think this is where I will be spending my money a few shades at a time.

At $5.99 each these pans will come in slightly more expensive (plus I will need a Z Palette - I really want this rose gold one ) than the total palette but only by a few $ and the flexibility to buy a few at a time is a bonus.

Todays purchases are going to be Bitten and Peach Smoothie (and maybe Mocha too)

Let me know if you have any MUG recommendation.

Will you be rocking Marsla tones this year?