Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Coloristiq // Nail Polish Rental

Coloristiq are the UK’s first, multi-brand, online nail polish rental service, having launched in October 2014. 

 Think of them as the best of both worlds: a monthly subscription box like Birchbox and a rental service like Rent the Runway all in one. 

This is the latest innovation in the nail polish market, no more dried-up, unused, boring nail polish bottles! 

 I LOVE nail polish, I have literally hundreds of bottles for countless different brands most of which I have owned for so long are now completely unusable (and half of these have never been opened) !!

I was lucky enough to be sent a months subscription to Coloristiq* which arrived just after Christmas and thought you would be interested to hear my thoughts as this is such a new concept.

I wont go into the logistical process here as it is so eloquently laid out on the website and the below infographic. Instead, I thought I would tackle my review by lliterally writing down the conversation that was going on in my head as I was reading about the service and then checking out the website.

£14.99 is a lot of money to rent something- is it worth it?

The brands available of the site are China Glaze (RRP £8.95), Essie (RRP £10.95) OPI (RRP£11.50) and Morgan Taylor (£10:50).

If you were to buy 3 polishes from the above brands it would cost you at least £26.85 so thats a minimum of 55% saving (plus shipping if you buy online or parking (and the unnecessary makeup purchases in Boots) if you go to a shop and buy. 

If you were to have 3 manicures a month it would cost you £60 ish, so again it a considerable saving.

Also, (having looked at my postage label) nearly £6 of the cost is postage which is being absorbed into the cost.

Are the bottles going to arrive in pieces?

No, they come really well packaged in these yellow thingys

What if I get a colour I don't like?

You shouldn't - you add colours to your wishlist and 3 colours from this list are sent each month.

Adding items to your wishlist couldn't be easier as you can narrow down by brand, colour, and finish.

The pictures on the site are also really clear and some of the colours have nail swatches which always help.

What if im going out and I want the same colour that I had 3 months ago (the one I cant remember the name of)?

In your account you are able to review all your past rentals so that should help you narrow down the colour.

I can't see any way to request a specific polish for a specific month, but i am sure if you emailed them they would be more than obliging.

Will the polishes be poor quality?

They shouldn't be - as well as only using trusted brands each polish is checked (and sanitised) once it is returned to ensure the polishes are of a quality to be lent out again.

Do they tie you into a long subscription and make it really hard to cancel?

No, its a monthly rolling contract and it appears that cancelling is as easy as clicking one button in your account.

In summary, having tried the service I think I am convinced this is the way to go. 

If you don't have a lot of storage the problem is solved as you get to send the polishes back

If you have so many polishes in your collection they are getting old and gloopy you can throw them away and rent polishes you know are going to be in tip top condition

If you normally have gel nails then this would be a fab service to use whilst your taking a break ( but still want some colour without having to purchase  polishes)

It's a brilliant gift idea present. 

and for those interested in what colours I received...

China Glaze - 1343 Meet me under the stars
China Glaze - 1352 Chillin with my snow-mies
China Glaze - 1347 Tip your hat

If my review has wet your appetite then I have some good news, there is an offer open to all readers of my blog  to receive the first month of the service for free if you subscribe and send coloristiq the promo code: Tessa1.

 Last but not least, everyone who will subscribe before the New Year will receive the Coloristiq subscription for £9.99 per month throughout the subscription, instead of the £14.49 standard price.

If you have any questions regarding the service that I haven't answered above let me know and I will add them (and my answers) to this post?


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