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Tag: 50 Random Facts About Me

The lovely Mille from  MillieCBeauty tagged me in her latest post 50 Random Facts About Me, which you can read here.

Ive never done a tag post before either here (well I haven't done a lot here really have I, but that will change soon I hope) or on my old blog but seeing as I love reading them I thought I would join in.

My day job is as an accountant and I have been in my job 10 years
I met my husband at work and we worked together for 9 years before he got a new job
We have a little girl who is my world

She blogs too and you can find her blog here
I am a stereotypical geek
I watch to many Sci Fi Programmes
I play Magic The Gathering
I love Harry Potter
And everything Disney, especially Snow White and Maleficent
And Monster High, which I know I am far too old for
I collect any geek paraphernalia I can and my house is a shrine to everything geeky

I have just started collecting Pop’s, and pop in a box is my new favourite website
I am a firm believer in ghosts
and UFO’s and Aliens
and Bigfoot
I love to read
My favourite books at the moment are the All Souls Trilogy*
I listen to all kinds of music but my favourite singer of all time is Meat Loaf
And I share my birthday with him
I love all Musicals
Especially Rocky Horror and Sweeny Todd
I also love everything Tim Burton
Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci and Helena Bonham Carter  are my favourite actresses ever
My favourite recent television programmes are Fringe and Haven
I haven’t read the Colorado Kid by Stephen king but I need to
I love Mae West too but she’s not just an actress, she is like a life coach
I have 10 tattoos and I plan to cover all of my right leg
I am obsessed with everything Jack the Ripper
My money is on Walter Sickert being Jack thanks to this book*
I plan on my next tattoo being a matching one with my sister, and then it will be something JTR inspired.
I own far too much makeup

This is just Septembers purchases !!

Until last year I had 1 Mac Lipstick, now I have about 20 with more to come as I love the upcoming collections
I don’t wear makeup day to day so I will never get through what I have
I am also rubbish at painting my nails so im constantly walking around with chipped polish
I have just had hair extensions but I’m not sure if I love them yet – I will share when I decide
My favourite perfume is Alien
But I have just joined the Perfume Society so I can try some new scents
My wardrobe consists of 90% black clothes
Until a few weeks ago I would never wear jeans (now I have a pair from DP which I love and live in)
I have far too many accessories, but as my clothing is all black I need some way to inject some personality into my outfits.
I love looking at art and whenever I am in London I visit Tate Modern
My favourite photographer is Diane Arbus – If you don’t know who she is you should watch Fur
My favourite Artist is Salvador Dali
Barcelona is my favourite city in the world
But my favourite holiday place has to be Disney World (though I have only been once)
I love to shop but I am an avid Bargain Hunter – using Quidco* to get Cashback ( I have saved £1,300 in 5 years) and Sun+ to get cheap days out
I used to love rollercoasters but since having my daughter I would much rather watch.
I really want a tortoise as a pet but I am yet to convince the hubby.
He would be called Esio
I have got awful eyesight but I don’t mind as I LOVE wearing glasses.

So there is 50 random things about me...

I'm not going to tag anyone specifically but if you have done this post make sure to leave your links below as im always looking for new blogs to follow.


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