Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mini Mention #2 : Me Me Me

My other package this week contained goodies from the fab MeMeMe Cosmetics*

I was sent the GORGEOUS Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad* £6.50 in Drama Eye's and Coral Blossom Cheek and Lip Tint* £5.50

Lets start with the Eyeshadow Quad which is just beautiful.

I don't really have to say much as the pictures speak for itself. This product is just a fab mix of 4 beautiful eyeshadows at a very reasonable price

Used dry they give just a smidgen of colour (they make a lovely smokey) but used wet the duochromeness (is that a word !!!) of these colours are just beautiful. They would make an intense smokey liner.

At the price point you cant ask for a nicer mix of colours - just be prepared to have to use them wet and build up the colour if you want intense payoff.

I apologise for no swatches but no amount of artificial light is making my swatches true to life this evening.

Now onto one of the brands hero products - the Cheek and Lip Tint.

Normally this type of product isn't for me (there is a big brand alternative I never got on with) and given Coral is not a colour I would wear on my lips but once I swatched it I instantly knew this would be used a lot as a blusher.

The dewiness and light flush you get from this colour when blended out really well is just beautiful and whilst there is still a bit of summer in the air I will be using constantly.

Before these 2 products I had not tried any MeMeMe products but right now im desperate to get my hands on the Shimmer Stack £9.99 in both Bronze and Pink.

 If like me you need some MeMeMe Products in your life you can shop here* !!

For those fellow bargain hunters there is 15% off all products on your first order until the end of September along side the other money off offers on some products.

Do you have a favourite MeMeMe Product? Or is there one you really want to try?

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  1. both the quad and stain look right up my street, both lovely shades

    1. Hi Millie - Im surprised at how versatile they both are - the stain does make a lovely blush x

  2. I'v never tried MeMeMe, I might have to go and treat myself - they're such a bargain! The colours in the quad look amazing x

  3. I love MeMeMe products - fab and affordable!