Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Jenny Craig : The numbers

This morning marked the start of my second week on Jenny Craig (for those who dont know JC is a healthy eating plan where you get diet meals delivered to your door) so i thought i would summaries my first week for you before doing a detailed review next week.

the number of lbs i have lost (with no exercise) this week
 how many time more confident i feel that when i finish the programme i will have a more realistic approach to portion control.
 Meals i have eaten this week ( this realistically is about 20 more than i would have eaten, so you definitely wont feel hungry)
minutes spent on the phone with Simon for my first consultation.
The number of boiled sweets i consumed as my 'treat's' at work whilst everyone else was eating cake
The number of times i referred to my menu, the free food list and my handbook. The information you are given is really really helpful. The whole programme to me focuses on teaching you how to eat healthily, portion control and really about setting you up to succeed when you come off the plan.


If you want to know anything specific when i write up my week 2 review, let me know and i will try and answer your question as well as i can.