Friday, 23 May 2014

Dorothy Perkins : Aloha Summer (and how I plan on coping without jumpers and black jeans)

When it starts getting warmer, the shops are full of pastel pretties and everyone is excited about their summer holidays I go into full on PANIC MODE !!

I love dressing for winter where you can get away with layer upon layer of anything black without people fearing you are allergic to sunlight.

As summer comes my office is full of colleagues in bright dresses and flip flops and as of yesterday I am still wearing my trusty black suit trousers, and black tee and boots.  I was proud of myself for wearing a petrol blue cardigan which is as much colour as I like to wear on a day to day basis.

Having seen advert upon advert for gorgeous bright summer (read: daunting) clothing, including the fabulous Dororthy Perkins one below which has me wishing I was on a beach somewhere, I decided to do some virtual shopping to see if I could feature black in a summer wardrobe.

Below are my looks for work and then the weekend - what do you think, can you get away with black and still look summery? I have to say, Dorothy Perkins has very much convinced me you can and I will most definitely be doing some shopping as it warms up !!

DP aloha

DP aloha

My favourite pick of the bunch has to be the gorgeous Black Ottoman Bardot Dress.  It may be black (there are other colours) but it most certainly feminine and its a classic shape that will last for many seasons to come . Plus at only £20 its a compete bargain !!

How do you dress for summer ? Do you go all out with colour or just add the odd pop to your outfits here and there ?

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  1. i'm addicted to wearing black too so i tend to just wear lighter materials haha. loved this post though, you picked out some lovely things!

    from helen at

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