Friday, 23 May 2014

Dorothy Perkins : Aloha Summer (and how I plan on coping without jumpers and black jeans)

When it starts getting warmer, the shops are full of pastel pretties and everyone is excited about their summer holidays I go into full on PANIC MODE !!

I love dressing for winter where you can get away with layer upon layer of anything black without people fearing you are allergic to sunlight.

As summer comes my office is full of colleagues in bright dresses and flip flops and as of yesterday I am still wearing my trusty black suit trousers, and black tee and boots.  I was proud of myself for wearing a petrol blue cardigan which is as much colour as I like to wear on a day to day basis.

Having seen advert upon advert for gorgeous bright summer (read: daunting) clothing, including the fabulous Dororthy Perkins one below which has me wishing I was on a beach somewhere, I decided to do some virtual shopping to see if I could feature black in a summer wardrobe.

Below are my looks for work and then the weekend - what do you think, can you get away with black and still look summery? I have to say, Dorothy Perkins has very much convinced me you can and I will most definitely be doing some shopping as it warms up !!

DP aloha

DP aloha

My favourite pick of the bunch has to be the gorgeous Black Ottoman Bardot Dress.  It may be black (there are other colours) but it most certainly feminine and its a classic shape that will last for many seasons to come . Plus at only £20 its a compete bargain !!

How do you dress for summer ? Do you go all out with colour or just add the odd pop to your outfits here and there ?

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Blogger Love : Outfit Inspiration

I follow literally hundreds of blogs and the favourite feature of Bloglovin has to be one of my favourite features of the site.

I must have 250 posts that I have 'favourited' for future reference, and these include how to's, outfits that I find inspiring, reviews of items I am considering buying and many many more things.

I thought to share the love today I would quickly showcase just a few (as there are far far too many to mention them all) of my favourite outfit posts that I have seen, and include links to the genius bloggers who posted them.

FTBH is one of the first blogs i follow and always the first i check to see if any new posts have been added.  I LOVE every outfit ever posted, and I hope one day I will have the skill and self confidence to put together some outfit combo's like the one above.

I have over 15 of Nadia's outfits in my favourite list. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and her outfits all ooze confidence and femininity. I hope one day I am confident enough in my body (mother apron be gone !!) to wear anything body con.

I love Be a Goddess as the mixture of high street and vintage looks seem 'acheivable' to me - like if i were to spend some time shopping more smartly (and raiding my loft for bags of clothes) I could achieve an outfit I would like as much as I like hers

I like Roby Mayday for the same reasons as Be A Goddess, Im forever checking out the links to shops/peices she features and my shopping wishlist is always added to after a visit to her blog.

I first started following Forever Yours, Betty to drool over the A-MAY-ZING glasses she has (I need me some Miu-Miu's)  but as I went back through her past posts I decided that when the day comes to add some colour into my nearly 90% black wardrobe, she is the person to look to for inspiration.

I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to follow (any genre) so please do comment with your own blog URL and also to further share the love leave me a link to a post in your favourites.

PS: You can find a link to my bloglovin page in the sidebar 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Last weeks new arrivals #2

Whilst I am trying very hard to cut down my spending, this week has seen the arrival of some absolute bargains, some fantastic samples and repurchases of things I am actually running out of. 

Lets start with what I actually purchased...

The La Roche-Posay bits were repurchases, I use the Effaclar Duo+ daily and the Cicaplast Baume is used when my eczema on my cheeks fairs up.

Feel Unique* had an offer on when I purchased these (£10 off a £30 spend) so I added the Emu Oil eye cream into my bag to take advantage of the offer. I had never tried it before so the reviews sold it for me as it reads like the perfect eye cream for my eczema prone eyelids.

The MAC lippies were 2 colours that have been on my wishlist for a while and I decided in January that this year would be the year I added to my MAC collection so expect to see frequent purchases (and blog posts which will follow shortly)

Months ago I saw a shout out on twitter for a indiegogo campaign for MDM Flow lippies.  I get a great deal of satisfaction from funding crowdfunding projects, but this has been one of my favourites as the lippie is gorgeous. Expect a blog post on that one too.

My jewellery purchases are my much longed for Black Heart Creatives Fat Babe earrings which I fell in love with after seeing @MrsBeBe_ post an absolutely stunning pic of her wearing them on twitter.

The Katy Perry for Claires 'ROAR' bracelet is my guilty purchase, I don't really need it and I'm probably 15 years too old to get away with wearing it, but I LOVE it

And now onto the samples I obtained this week...

From Feel Unique* I got the La Roche-Posay Eau Thermale sample as a GWP, along with 2 perfume samples which come as standard.

I got a mixture of Omorovicza samples through the post - I'm most excited to try the 'Refining Facial Polisher' but I hope I dont like it too much as at £65 for the full size it's not cheap.

I got a bundle of samples with my Tosowoong order and they include a sun cream and a whitening cream.

I also got through the post a sample of Mayebelline Super Stay Better Skin which is a fab colour match so I will be using this in the coming week. 

Still on foundation  I popped into Debenhams this week to try the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation*. I was offered a makeover which i jumped at the chance of, and I just fell in love with the foundation. It applies beautifully and the finish is gorgeous, my only worry is that it will start to slip later in the day so I was offered a sample to take home and try, and I will do so once we have some sun. 

If it last in the heat it will be a definite purchase along with Sweet Beige lipgloss* which was also used.

Expect to see some of these popping up in their own reviews or FOTD's.

Friday, 2 May 2014

My Top 5 : Makeup

I recently saw a tweet from the lovely Nicole (lillovepeanut) of Little Love Peanut asking if anyone would be interested in a collaboration/group post on your current top 5 make up items - I was, so here is my post.

So technically i have picked 6 things but as I am using my Makeup Revolution Palette interchangeably with my Naked 3 Palette I thought I could get away with treating them as one item.

As I have said before, I am really really pleased to see a brand as brave as Makeup Revolution enter the market with extremely extremely affordable prices. I have picked up quite a few eyeshadows and really for the value i cant fault them. I have found the matte colours have a little less payoff than the shimmers, but to be honest that can be said about most brands.

I have quite a few MR items on my wishlist, mostly blushers of which I have ready they have lots of dupes of well known products, so as soon as I get some expect to see them making it to my Top 5.

My gimme brow is a god-send. I am trying to thicken my eyebrows as thanks to years of overplucking they have been left quite sparse. I have been having HD Brows done every 6 weeks, but I find filling in with a pencil and then powder between appointments too consuming for a weekday morning, so I have been relying solely on Gimme Brow and as the results are so lovely its definitely one i will be repurchasing.

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velevets are gorgeous, I have 2 of which Ole Flamingo (a raspberry pink) has been worn everyday this week, and i have been getting compliments constantly.

It doesn't dry down to a full matte (say like a Limecrime velvetine) but boy does it pack a punch colour wise and this colour wont budge all day. Also, I find it a lot more comfortable to wear than similar products, and at half the price too its definitely one to be checked out.

My weekdays mornings see me invariably running around like a headless chicken and these 2 together have cut my base makeup time in half.  

The big easy, is as marketed, a bit more than a BB cream that supposably dries to a powder (which i read as matte) finish.  I have quite bad skin so rely on using a powder with coverage ontop of this, but for those with good normal (not particularly dry or oily) skin i think it would make a lovely base.

And the brush, well everywhere i go online I see glowing reviews, and whilst I am late to the party my thoughts are you should believe all the good things you hear about this brush as it has made a real difference to how well my base applies.

I hope you like my Top 5, don't forget to pop over to see Nicole's top 5 (here) and please do comment with your top 5.

PS: Don't forget, when i get to 100 followers on bloglovin I will be having a giveaway (I'm thinking MAC lippy ) so please do share my blog with your friends if you enjoy reading it.