Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Online Shopping for Makeup // Cocktail Cosmetics

I love shopping for Makeup, and for some reason I prefer doing so online. I have many shops that I regularly check for new items but my very favourite is

I have made numerous orders with them in the past and have no gripes with the customer service at all, shipping is quick and if you ever need any assistance your emails or tweets are always promptly answered.

My one gripe is the high spend for free shipping ( I have just come to expect free shipping as so many places offer it) but this really has no impact on my view at all.

They are a one stop shop, and my absolute favourite as you can find Lime Crime, Sugarpill and OCC all in one place.

My most recent order(s) contained items from these brands as you can see.

I have been lusting over the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette since it's release as i have had my heart set on finding bright matte red and yellow (for eye-liner) for years and this contains both colours. 

I got the neon yellow Elektro Cute pigment as I had seen this being used as eyeliner on a YouTube tutorial and thought this would be perfect if the yellow in the palette didnt live up to it's expectations.

Whilst shopping for the Burning Heart palette I spotted the Cold Chemistry pallette which was new at the time and the purple just sang to me, so i ended up getting that too. 

I'm sooooo glad I did as I love the purple and the white is my go to inner eye highlight.

I have a draw full of OCC Lip Tars so when the new collection was released, which contained some matte's I had to get myself a few so I went for Mannequin (a bright blue based pink) and Rollergirl (the most perfect purple). 

I also treated myself to some of the cream colour concentrates to use as eyeshadow bases and one of the new Cosmetic colour pencil which can be used as eyeliners or lip liners.

As I was there and having a bit of a splurge (is that a word??) I thought I would go all in and get a Lime Crime Lipstick, which turned into 2 lipsticks.

I had see my blogger pal Sara (from wearing Airborne Unicorn (a beautiful purple) so had to get that and seeing as I am trying to diversify from purple I also got Centrifuchsia (a deep pink). 

I really like these lipsticks, they are not too expensive at £12.50, I cant find fault with the formula, the packaging is amazing and there are some colours you will not find on the high-street. 

As always I am never happy with just the makeup I have so my current wish list contains the following:

I also would like a OCC Skin Concealer in Y0 as I have seen loads of good reviews of this and the colour always looks fab for under eye concealing and brightening.  I would aslo like more of the OCC Creme Colour Concentrate, the two cololurs at the top of my list are John Doe and Vice for contouring and eyeshadow bases.

So if your looking for some fun bold makeup with fantastic customer service, I very highly recommend OCC, Sugarpill and Lime Crime from Cocktail Cosmetics. 

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