Monday, 14 April 2014

My first ever FOTD

The blogosphere has been inundated with reviews of Makeup revolution, especially regarding the Naked palette dupes and in all honesty i cant add much apart from this brand is amazing, the for the price point the quality is more than acceptable and there really is something for everyone.

I also used my 2 new Benefit products today.  I think Gimme Brow is amazing, I have recently had HD Brows done and as much as my brows are now in a nice shape on their own this product really does help finish the brows off and make them appear fuller and I now use it every day.

The Big Easy is one of my largest recent investments and  i'm not sure what I think of it. When my skin is behaving I tend to just use my studio fix, but today I used this (beyond) BB cream and just added a bit of  powder down my T-Zone and I like the look but for days when my skin is playing up it's not going to give enough coverage. 

My new glasses are Versace and are from Boots and I slightly LOVE them.

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  1. Lovely haul! So jealous that you got your hands on the Iconic 3, can't wait til payday to put an order in!

    p.s. I'm ever so slightly lusting over your glasses <3