Monday, 14 April 2014

Ebay Makeup : Tosowoong korea

I have been hunting high and low for some decent waterproof eyeliners, and a rose gold one at that, and I think I have just hit the jackpot as by chance found these gorgeous eyeliner sets on ebay and I am really really impressed with them.

This set is on BIN for £35 but there are always auction listings for this set and I would hold out for one of those as I got my set for £8.00

The casing is just adorable and the there is a good range of colours - this set is colours in the bronze spectrum

The colour pay off is immense, they are gorgeously creamy to apply and once they are on they do not budge

(swatches are the opposite way around to the tin)

There are 2 other sets available (both below and firmly on my wishlish)  and you can get individual colours too.

 I would highly suggest checking out what Tosowoong korea has to offer if your looking for a new eyeliner.

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