Saturday, 26 April 2014

Etsy Favourites #1

I am a huge fan of Etsy (the on-line market place) and it is always the first place I look for many things, including gifts and makeup but mostly jewellery.

I have shared a few of my favourite pieces that are for sale right now below, and I plan on sharing my updated favourites once a month or so.

I have no idea where i would put this print but i really really want it - I could even see myself decorating a room around it.

T-shirts are my thing at the moment as they are easy to style whilst I loose weight, and the more individual and unusual (like this one) the better.

Steve Buscemi to wear all day - enuf said

Oh My God Hes So Quiche Tee

'Quiche' is my new favourite slang word (aside from Frell) and what makes it better is that hardly anyone I know gets it. 

I love insect themed jewellery but it's so hard to find anything with flies on, so i was ecstatic when i found these. I think the fact they are quite little to mean they will look so much more realistic when they are worn.

Let me know if you shop on Etsy, and if you have any favourite sellers.

PS: I also have a widget in my sidebar showing my most recent favourites if you want to check them out before my next update.

PPS: all images are copyright to the shop owners who are linked in the item title

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

More on my wishlist // Lime Crime Coquette

Following on from my earlier wishlist I have decided that I also really want the Limecrime lipstick in Coquette, a beautiful in your face nude (not a my lips but better colour, more of a I want to blank out my lips type colour)

As I have said before I am trying to move away from Purples, I already have a load of Reds, so nudes and pinks are my colours of choice at the moment. 

I already have 2 new nudes to share, but I can but hope I will have this one to share with you soon too.

It's hard to find this lipstick in stock but as soon as I do I will share with you where it is.

ps: Cocktail Cosmetics have tweeted that it is on their next order so fingers crossed they should have it before too long.

Online Shopping for Makeup // Cocktail Cosmetics

I love shopping for Makeup, and for some reason I prefer doing so online. I have many shops that I regularly check for new items but my very favourite is

I have made numerous orders with them in the past and have no gripes with the customer service at all, shipping is quick and if you ever need any assistance your emails or tweets are always promptly answered.

My one gripe is the high spend for free shipping ( I have just come to expect free shipping as so many places offer it) but this really has no impact on my view at all.

They are a one stop shop, and my absolute favourite as you can find Lime Crime, Sugarpill and OCC all in one place.

My most recent order(s) contained items from these brands as you can see.

I have been lusting over the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette since it's release as i have had my heart set on finding bright matte red and yellow (for eye-liner) for years and this contains both colours. 

I got the neon yellow Elektro Cute pigment as I had seen this being used as eyeliner on a YouTube tutorial and thought this would be perfect if the yellow in the palette didnt live up to it's expectations.

Whilst shopping for the Burning Heart palette I spotted the Cold Chemistry pallette which was new at the time and the purple just sang to me, so i ended up getting that too. 

I'm sooooo glad I did as I love the purple and the white is my go to inner eye highlight.

I have a draw full of OCC Lip Tars so when the new collection was released, which contained some matte's I had to get myself a few so I went for Mannequin (a bright blue based pink) and Rollergirl (the most perfect purple). 

I also treated myself to some of the cream colour concentrates to use as eyeshadow bases and one of the new Cosmetic colour pencil which can be used as eyeliners or lip liners.

As I was there and having a bit of a splurge (is that a word??) I thought I would go all in and get a Lime Crime Lipstick, which turned into 2 lipsticks.

I had see my blogger pal Sara (from wearing Airborne Unicorn (a beautiful purple) so had to get that and seeing as I am trying to diversify from purple I also got Centrifuchsia (a deep pink). 

I really like these lipsticks, they are not too expensive at £12.50, I cant find fault with the formula, the packaging is amazing and there are some colours you will not find on the high-street. 

As always I am never happy with just the makeup I have so my current wish list contains the following:

I also would like a OCC Skin Concealer in Y0 as I have seen loads of good reviews of this and the colour always looks fab for under eye concealing and brightening.  I would aslo like more of the OCC Creme Colour Concentrate, the two cololurs at the top of my list are John Doe and Vice for contouring and eyeshadow bases.

So if your looking for some fun bold makeup with fantastic customer service, I very highly recommend OCC, Sugarpill and Lime Crime from Cocktail Cosmetics. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Last weeks new arrivals

I am trying to cut down on my spending, so these type of posts may be few and far between but I love seeing what people have received in a week so thought I would share mine when I can and give you my thoughts where appropriate.

Sigmund socks* £7.00 // Derma Dew*  50ml £4.99 // Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick £15.00*

I haven't had a chance to try the Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick yet so I can't really say much, other than I purchased this on the back of a raft of positive reviews I have seen on other blogs. 

Next up is Sigmund, my newest pair of socks (I Love socks, new socks are as excting as new clothes) and I think he is fab.

Sigmund is one of 11 Characters available from Chatty Feet  and he introduces himself as follows...

Come in, come in! have a seat and make yourself comfortable. My name is Sigmund and I'm here to help. You may have heard of me already - I'm one of the founding fathers of sockoanalysis. It's the process by which we unpick your deepest worries by talking about your dreams and your life while you were still in baby socks.

Just lie back on my couch and tell me what's troubling you.
I can't wait to incorporate him into one of my outfits, and I'm already looking at who to add to my collection next. I'm thinking Brad Feet would be the perfect pair of socks to fit into a summer wardrobe.

Next up is my pot of Derma Dew from the Derma Shack. 

I had seen a few tweets about Derma Dew so as any normal (read extremely nosey) person would do i went a looked them up and was really excited about the product, and more so the ethos of the brand.

The story behind the brand is as follows (and as it's so eloquently told i have just copied and pasted) :

The reason DermaDew came about is because we had all had issues with dry/winter skin to a varying degree. We were having to use products suchas aqueous cream and glycerol, etc. These were products we felt we had to use, ratherthan wanted to use, products that while they do a specific job, don't feel great on your skin.
That got us thinking... Why was it not possible to have an everyday intensely moisturising body cream, that didn't leave your skin sticky and/or shiny, smelled great and made your skin feel fantastic whether you had previously had dry skin or not.
So at home, we started mixing together different things and researching raw materials. It was really a case of trial and error that led to the creation of DermaDew. It was really only for personal use, but family and friends tried it, loved it and kept asking for more. Sowe thought why not take it into manufacture? We never really intended to go into cosmetics, but we are incredibly proud of DermaDew and the effect it has on the skin,and think that another people will love it as much as we do.
They were kind enough to send me a pot so I thought it only fair that I share my thoughts, like those who spurred me on to try the brand, to try and spread the word.
I will be the first person to admit I am not a body cream lover  - and touch wood my skin is not dry enough to require any more moisturisation than my shower gel provides. 
The only contradiction to this is my elbows where I suffer from excema, which seems to flair up on a regular basis with no rhyme or reason. My main use of the product, therefore, has been to try and calm and hydrate my elbows.
And, I am pleasantly surprised with how much I like it. 
There is a subtle fragrance which isn't too strong (this may be Japanese Plum, but I don't know what that smells like so can't say for sure), and whilst the product comes out of the tub like a really old school body cream, it melts into your skin on contact and turns into a more serum like texture which I really like. 
The cream promises that  your skin will absorb the cream efficiently leaving you with a silky smooth satin feeling, without any shine or grease, and I have to say it lives up to these claims. It takes a while to sink in but once it does I can concur that there is no greasiness and the feeling you are left with could well be described as Satiny. 
I will be continuing to use this on my elbows and will more than likely repurchase when my pot runs out.

I also purchased 2 of the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks from Boots* (in Pink Pong 06 and Ole Flamingo 05) as I love my Lime Crime Velvetines (which I purchase from and I hope these will be a cheaper and more easily available option. 
Once I have tried them I will be back with a review and FOTD.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Ebay Makeup : Tosowoong korea

I have been hunting high and low for some decent waterproof eyeliners, and a rose gold one at that, and I think I have just hit the jackpot as by chance found these gorgeous eyeliner sets on ebay and I am really really impressed with them.

This set is on BIN for £35 but there are always auction listings for this set and I would hold out for one of those as I got my set for £8.00

The casing is just adorable and the there is a good range of colours - this set is colours in the bronze spectrum

The colour pay off is immense, they are gorgeously creamy to apply and once they are on they do not budge

(swatches are the opposite way around to the tin)

There are 2 other sets available (both below and firmly on my wishlish)  and you can get individual colours too.

 I would highly suggest checking out what Tosowoong korea has to offer if your looking for a new eyeliner.

My first ever FOTD

The blogosphere has been inundated with reviews of Makeup revolution, especially regarding the Naked palette dupes and in all honesty i cant add much apart from this brand is amazing, the for the price point the quality is more than acceptable and there really is something for everyone.

I also used my 2 new Benefit products today.  I think Gimme Brow is amazing, I have recently had HD Brows done and as much as my brows are now in a nice shape on their own this product really does help finish the brows off and make them appear fuller and I now use it every day.

The Big Easy is one of my largest recent investments and  i'm not sure what I think of it. When my skin is behaving I tend to just use my studio fix, but today I used this (beyond) BB cream and just added a bit of  powder down my T-Zone and I like the look but for days when my skin is playing up it's not going to give enough coverage. 

My new glasses are Versace and are from Boots and I slightly LOVE them.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring Summer 2014 Mood Board

How amazing are those sunglasses !!


After a 2 or so year hiatus from blogging work has settled down, family life is perfect and i have no more studying to do so i am back with a new blog.

As my about me section say's, this is where i plan on talking about my love for beauty and fashion, and i hope to do so on a fairly regular basis.

I plan on sharing wishlists, reviews and swatches amongst many other things.

In the last 6 months or so i have completely replaced my makeup collection and so have lots of new items to share with you.

Shout if you would like anything reviewed / swatched first.

I have my SS 2014 mood board ready to post which I will be doing shortly and this is likely to give you a heads up as to my style and what you can expect in the future.

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.

PS: I have also just joined slimming world so you may find some diet and fitness type posts sneaking in. If these are your thing ignore them, if your also trying to get fitter or loose weight your thoughts on my posts would be very appreciated as i need all the support i can get.

PPS: If you would like to follow me you can find the GFC and bloglovin widgets in my side bar and once i get to 100 followers I already have the goodies for a giveaway.