Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Coloristiq // Nail Polish Rental

Coloristiq are the UK’s first, multi-brand, online nail polish rental service, having launched in October 2014. 

 Think of them as the best of both worlds: a monthly subscription box like Birchbox and a rental service like Rent the Runway all in one. 

This is the latest innovation in the nail polish market, no more dried-up, unused, boring nail polish bottles! 

 I LOVE nail polish, I have literally hundreds of bottles for countless different brands most of which I have owned for so long are now completely unusable (and half of these have never been opened) !!

I was lucky enough to be sent a months subscription to Coloristiq* which arrived just after Christmas and thought you would be interested to hear my thoughts as this is such a new concept.

I wont go into the logistical process here as it is so eloquently laid out on the website and the below infographic. Instead, I thought I would tackle my review by lliterally writing down the conversation that was going on in my head as I was reading about the service and then checking out the website.

£14.99 is a lot of money to rent something- is it worth it?

The brands available of the site are China Glaze (RRP £8.95), Essie (RRP £10.95) OPI (RRP£11.50) and Morgan Taylor (£10:50).

If you were to buy 3 polishes from the above brands it would cost you at least £26.85 so thats a minimum of 55% saving (plus shipping if you buy online or parking (and the unnecessary makeup purchases in Boots) if you go to a shop and buy. 

If you were to have 3 manicures a month it would cost you £60 ish, so again it a considerable saving.

Also, (having looked at my postage label) nearly £6 of the cost is postage which is being absorbed into the cost.

Are the bottles going to arrive in pieces?

No, they come really well packaged in these yellow thingys

What if I get a colour I don't like?

You shouldn't - you add colours to your wishlist and 3 colours from this list are sent each month.

Adding items to your wishlist couldn't be easier as you can narrow down by brand, colour, and finish.

The pictures on the site are also really clear and some of the colours have nail swatches which always help.

What if im going out and I want the same colour that I had 3 months ago (the one I cant remember the name of)?

In your account you are able to review all your past rentals so that should help you narrow down the colour.

I can't see any way to request a specific polish for a specific month, but i am sure if you emailed them they would be more than obliging.

Will the polishes be poor quality?

They shouldn't be - as well as only using trusted brands each polish is checked (and sanitised) once it is returned to ensure the polishes are of a quality to be lent out again.

Do they tie you into a long subscription and make it really hard to cancel?

No, its a monthly rolling contract and it appears that cancelling is as easy as clicking one button in your account.

In summary, having tried the service I think I am convinced this is the way to go. 

If you don't have a lot of storage the problem is solved as you get to send the polishes back

If you have so many polishes in your collection they are getting old and gloopy you can throw them away and rent polishes you know are going to be in tip top condition

If you normally have gel nails then this would be a fab service to use whilst your taking a break ( but still want some colour without having to purchase  polishes)

It's a brilliant gift idea present. 

and for those interested in what colours I received...

China Glaze - 1343 Meet me under the stars
China Glaze - 1352 Chillin with my snow-mies
China Glaze - 1347 Tip your hat

If my review has wet your appetite then I have some good news, there is an offer open to all readers of my blog  to receive the first month of the service for free if you subscribe and send coloristiq the promo code: Tessa1.

 Last but not least, everyone who will subscribe before the New Year will receive the Coloristiq subscription for £9.99 per month throughout the subscription, instead of the £14.49 standard price.

If you have any questions regarding the service that I haven't answered above let me know and I will add them (and my answers) to this post?


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Giveaway // Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set

When Sephora started shipping to the UK I had to make a strict deal with myself - no more than 2 orders a year otherwise it could get very expensive.

I have been really good and stuck to my deal, placing an order in the first week of shipping and one a few weeks ago.

Each time I have only gone for products not available here in the UK and so the last one consisted of mainly Kat Von D bits and bobs (which I will review properly soon).

After seeing so many glowing reviews, I was convinced the limited edition Studded Kiss Lipstick Set would already be out of stock by the time I got round to making my order, but it was my lucky day as it was still in stock. Yay !!

Isn't it just beautiful !!

Now it's your lucky day as I managed to grab 2, 1 of which is available for you lovelies to win.

I had thought about getting this up last week and doing a flash give away so the prize could be with you for Christmas, but I decided a present arriving in January would be nicer to try and break up the gloomy monotony of in my opinion the hardest month of the year

I'm sure there are also people out there who vow every year to cut down on their spending or stop accumulating yet another lipstick you don't need - so my winner can have the joy of 9 new beautiful lippies without any of the guilt.

Also, its a bit of a way off but  I would love to get my little blog back to where it was a few years ago (before i deleted it *sad face*) sooooo, If I can get to 250 or 500 bloglovin followers I will chuck in a 2nd (250 followers) and  3rd (300 follower) prize for random bloglovin followers.

Good Luck 


and now the boring bits....

This is open to UK residents only as I have a real distrust in the mail system at the moment
(I will do an international giveaway soon though - I promise)
The giveaway will run until the 00:01 on the 1 January 2015
I will contact the winner and if i have not had a response in 4 days (to allow for holidays etc) I will pick a new winner.
I will send the prize with the royal mail signed for service but cannot be held responsible for lost parcels.
and just to be clear I paid for the prize myself with my hard earned pennies.

If you have any queries with the above you can get me on twitter or by email

Monday, 17 November 2014

My latest Inspiration : American Horror Story Coven

With the nights drawing in and winter firmly upon us all I want to do is snuggle down in front of the TV of an evening and my latest obsession is American Horror Story Coven !!!

As anyone who know's me will agree with, I am slightly too easily influenced by what I see and read ((I'm an advertisers dream !!) (case in point is that i have just purchase a Stevie Nicks album)) and of course my recent fashion wants are all inspired by AHS.  

I feel about 10 years too old to rock the complete look so I'm left wanting smaller accents, that I can work into my everyday outfits.

The below is my current shopping/wish list - Is there anything that takes your fancy ???

AHS Coven


I also wanted to mention specifically SheVamps, their Etsy shop is the one stop shop for Kimono's (and sunglasses). At the moment they are a bit too pricey for me but they are the perfect investment piece and as soon as I can get one I will live in it.

And a special shout out goes to Patricio Oliver who i stalk on Tumblr/twitter and is responsible for the artwork in the middle of the montage. You can follow him on the links above and buy his prints here 


PPS: As I have shared before I am a geek through and through and my current obsession is Pop's !! I have misty day on order and I think Fiona is going to be my next purchase. I buy all of mine from Pop In a Box* if you want to join in the fun !!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tag: 50 Random Facts About Me

The lovely Mille from  MillieCBeauty tagged me in her latest post 50 Random Facts About Me, which you can read here.

Ive never done a tag post before either here (well I haven't done a lot here really have I, but that will change soon I hope) or on my old blog but seeing as I love reading them I thought I would join in.

My day job is as an accountant and I have been in my job 10 years
I met my husband at work and we worked together for 9 years before he got a new job
We have a little girl who is my world

She blogs too and you can find her blog here
I am a stereotypical geek
I watch to many Sci Fi Programmes
I play Magic The Gathering
I love Harry Potter
And everything Disney, especially Snow White and Maleficent
And Monster High, which I know I am far too old for
I collect any geek paraphernalia I can and my house is a shrine to everything geeky

I have just started collecting Pop’s, and pop in a box is my new favourite website
I am a firm believer in ghosts
and UFO’s and Aliens
and Bigfoot
I love to read
My favourite books at the moment are the All Souls Trilogy*
I listen to all kinds of music but my favourite singer of all time is Meat Loaf
And I share my birthday with him
I love all Musicals
Especially Rocky Horror and Sweeny Todd
I also love everything Tim Burton
Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci and Helena Bonham Carter  are my favourite actresses ever
My favourite recent television programmes are Fringe and Haven
I haven’t read the Colorado Kid by Stephen king but I need to
I love Mae West too but she’s not just an actress, she is like a life coach
I have 10 tattoos and I plan to cover all of my right leg
I am obsessed with everything Jack the Ripper
My money is on Walter Sickert being Jack thanks to this book*
I plan on my next tattoo being a matching one with my sister, and then it will be something JTR inspired.
I own far too much makeup

This is just Septembers purchases !!

Until last year I had 1 Mac Lipstick, now I have about 20 with more to come as I love the upcoming collections
I don’t wear makeup day to day so I will never get through what I have
I am also rubbish at painting my nails so im constantly walking around with chipped polish
I have just had hair extensions but I’m not sure if I love them yet – I will share when I decide
My favourite perfume is Alien
But I have just joined the Perfume Society so I can try some new scents
My wardrobe consists of 90% black clothes
Until a few weeks ago I would never wear jeans (now I have a pair from DP which I love and live in)
I have far too many accessories, but as my clothing is all black I need some way to inject some personality into my outfits.
I love looking at art and whenever I am in London I visit Tate Modern
My favourite photographer is Diane Arbus – If you don’t know who she is you should watch Fur
My favourite Artist is Salvador Dali
Barcelona is my favourite city in the world
But my favourite holiday place has to be Disney World (though I have only been once)
I love to shop but I am an avid Bargain Hunter – using Quidco* to get Cashback ( I have saved £1,300 in 5 years) and Sun+ to get cheap days out
I used to love rollercoasters but since having my daughter I would much rather watch.
I really want a tortoise as a pet but I am yet to convince the hubby.
He would be called Esio
I have got awful eyesight but I don’t mind as I LOVE wearing glasses.

So there is 50 random things about me...

I'm not going to tag anyone specifically but if you have done this post make sure to leave your links below as im always looking for new blogs to follow.


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Nail Wraps and Decals

I LOVE Nail Art and thanks to celebs such as Katy Perry and Rita Ora constantly rocking fab designs it's never gone off the radar which is good for me as it means the indie designers/artists etc. that I follow on Etsy have no reason to stop selling their fab products.

I have tried the hand painted nail art looks, having brought all the tools, but seeing as I cant even paint a base shade properly I knew I would fail from the start.

That's why I am such a fan of Nail Decals and Nail Wraps.

It's Nail Art in seconds with the added bonus of the ability to cover up mistakes in your base coat.

Below are a few of the designs that have been on my wish list for a while.

If you don't regularly shop on Etsy, Why???

It's an amazing site with a plethora of literally everything you could ever want.

Plus if you use this link HERE you can get £5 off your first purchase (and I will get £5 too which i hope you don't mind)

If you love Nail Art too feel free to leave me a link to your blogposts and if your new to Etsy make sure to let me know what amazing finds you come across.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mini Mention #2 : Me Me Me

My other package this week contained goodies from the fab MeMeMe Cosmetics*

I was sent the GORGEOUS Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad* £6.50 in Drama Eye's and Coral Blossom Cheek and Lip Tint* £5.50

Lets start with the Eyeshadow Quad which is just beautiful.

I don't really have to say much as the pictures speak for itself. This product is just a fab mix of 4 beautiful eyeshadows at a very reasonable price

Used dry they give just a smidgen of colour (they make a lovely smokey) but used wet the duochromeness (is that a word !!!) of these colours are just beautiful. They would make an intense smokey liner.

At the price point you cant ask for a nicer mix of colours - just be prepared to have to use them wet and build up the colour if you want intense payoff.

I apologise for no swatches but no amount of artificial light is making my swatches true to life this evening.

Now onto one of the brands hero products - the Cheek and Lip Tint.

Normally this type of product isn't for me (there is a big brand alternative I never got on with) and given Coral is not a colour I would wear on my lips but once I swatched it I instantly knew this would be used a lot as a blusher.

The dewiness and light flush you get from this colour when blended out really well is just beautiful and whilst there is still a bit of summer in the air I will be using constantly.

Before these 2 products I had not tried any MeMeMe products but right now im desperate to get my hands on the Shimmer Stack £9.99 in both Bronze and Pink.

 If like me you need some MeMeMe Products in your life you can shop here* !!

For those fellow bargain hunters there is 15% off all products on your first order until the end of September along side the other money off offers on some products.

Do you have a favourite MeMeMe Product? Or is there one you really want to try?

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Mini Mention #1 : Nanshy Blending Brush

I received 2 lovely packages this week with items to review and feature on the blog, the first one being this lovely Nanshy Brush*.

I have seen scores of reviews of Nanshy Brush Set's all of which have been positive, so when this arrived I knew I was going to love it.

Presenting the Blending Brush from the soon to be launched Masterful collection.

I don't know why but I have struggled to find a high street price good quality blending brush (and I have tried a lot) but this brush is up there with the synonymous blending brush, the MAC 217.  

I really like that as a brand all the brushes are PETA approved, and in my experience I find synthetic brushes give a smoother blend and gradient anyway.

The Masterful Collection is a 12 brush collection containing every brush you need for perfect seamless makeup.

The set is also available in Black but I like the white - it stands out as Nanshy.

The Masterful Collection has yet to launch but you can make sure your up to date with all the news by clicking here and signing up to the newsletter.

If you can't wait for the release of the set and want to get your hands on some brushes asap the online shop has just launched.

Do you have a favourite Nanshy brush ? Have you treated yourself to anything from the shop ?



Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Real Techniques Giveaway

I love Real Techniques Brushes, I think they have the quality of very high end brushes but without the price point.

My favourite set so far has to be the Duo-fibre collection, the eye brush makes blending a doddle and for blusher-phobes like me the 2 face brushes (face and contour) mean you can't be heavy handed with the application. No more clown cheeks for me !!!

So when a few weeks ago I Superdrug had a Limited Edition Duo Fibre Set in Black I knew I had to have another set.

However as they were on 3 for 2 with extra beauty card points, I ended up buying 3 with the idea of giving 1 or 2 of them away.

Having blogged sporadically for years I can finally feel my enthusiasm returning (after reading 100's of blogs a week) and so I thought i would start my hopeful run of blogs off with the giveaway.

I have set up a rafflecopter giveaway for one set of the brushes, however if I get to 250 bloglovin followers during the giveaway i will randomly select a follower to win another set of the brushes.

I have set one of the entry options as leave me a comment but have not set a question so its a free for all. Perhaps you can let me know your favourite type of blogpost, or leave the link to a blog or blog post your loving at the moment. It's up to you.

Good Luck !!!

PS: If you don't win the set is still available on Superdrug.
PPS: Dont forget to go through a cashback site such as Quidco to get some pennies back on your purchase and £2.50 if your a new member and you use my referral link (in blue)

How To Enter & T&C's
- The Giveaway will run from 20/08/2014 and will close on 20/09/2014 at 9pm.
- On the closing date, you must still be following the mandatory steps to be selected as a winner, I will be checking on Rafflecopter. If you aren't still following the mandatory steps, you will be disqualified.
- The Giveaway is open to **UK Residents only** 
- I will be posting the prize within 7 working days of the closing date.  I will not be held liable for anything damaged by the posting service, nor if anything goes missing.
- All entrants under 18 need parent's permission
-The winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter and will be notified when the giveaway ends.

x Tess x
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