Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer Style Trials : One Stop Plus

One Stop Plus - the online retailer offering clothing between sizes 14-36 are running a style trial, where those invited to take place were given £100 to buy pieces from the site to encompass a specific trend for this summer.

As someone who has been know to nearly cry in a shop when i have fallen in love with something that doesnt go up to my size, shops like OSP where i know my size will be available (apart from stock issues) makes shopping a lot less traumatic.

Now my choice for the theme was inspired by this look from Prada

The whole collection makes me think 

And once i was going along those lines i couldnt stop so my look is a sort of 50's / Pastel ish look that could be worn by someone who is a cross between Sandy and Rizzo

These specific jeans are no longer available on the website but they have plenty more to choose from

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