Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My thoughts on Jenny Craig so far

You may or may not already know this but Jenny Craig is a hugely popular and successful diet plan where you get diet meals delivered to your door and as a (past) yo yo dieter i have just finished my second week on the plan with Monday marking the start of week 3.

Jenny Craig was founded in Australia in 1983 by weight loss experts Jenny and Sidney Craig, who sought to establish a company that would incorporate all the necessary benefits of successful weight management (how refreshing to not be just about loss).
 To achieve this the three cornerstones of the Jenny Craig healthy approach to effective weight management are: Food, Body and Mind and i can definitely say this true.
This whole plan really is about educating yourself - you don't just get a load of food and get left to get on with it. There is support at every corner, be it from your consultant or the documentation you get provided which includes your meal plan (which incorporates your own snacks and also helps you put together your own meal if you want something off plan) and also plan handbook which focuses how you can use the plan to best suit you and exercise, along with everything else that can make your weight loss journey successful.
I wasn't convinced the phone support would be enough for me having only ever successfully dieted as part of a slimming club before but it has has been invaluable thus far - i can be honest, i don't feel guilty for cheating when i have had a bad day (and i am one for self hate) and i always finish my phone calls excited for the week ahead, with a plan in place (MIND)

My favourite meal has to be the Thai curry with water chestnuts - nom nom nom

Time to confess
I picked probably the worst time ever to start the Jenny Craig plan, with my exams looming my schedule and my mood were all over the place. The first week went amazingly with me loosing 3 lbs (read here) - the second week i didn't stick to plan (i eat rubbish at irregular times when I'm stressed) and i didn't loose any weight. 
However, despite the slight (read that as huge) slip up i still had my breakfast every day which is a huge thing for me as i hate eating first thing (FOOD). Another important thing is that i felt that i could be honest with my consultant about it and that's important as i am someone who has skipped club meetings for fear of having put on weight. 
As i said, yesterday marked the start of Week 3 and this week I'm focused. I will stick to the plan me and Simon (my consultant) have come up with and i will enjoy it !!
The plan is to up my exercise from zilch to something along with sticking to the Diet Plan. I have a Powerhoop on the way which i am really excited to use, and I'm planning on unchaining myself from my desk at lunch to get a walk in at least once a week (BODY) - I have been assured every little helps so maybe the next 2lb loss isn't so far beyond my reach.
I know i have covered very little plan specifics, but i thought it more important to share my journey.If you have any specific questions check out the website http://www.jennycraig.co.uk and/or leave me a comment and i will try to answer as best i can.

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