Friday, 29 June 2012

Summer Style Trials : One Stop Plus

One Stop Plus - the online retailer offering clothing between sizes 14-36 are running a style trial, where those invited to take place were given £100 to buy pieces from the site to encompass a specific trend for this summer.

As someone who has been know to nearly cry in a shop when i have fallen in love with something that doesnt go up to my size, shops like OSP where i know my size will be available (apart from stock issues) makes shopping a lot less traumatic.

Now my choice for the theme was inspired by this look from Prada

The whole collection makes me think 

And once i was going along those lines i couldnt stop so my look is a sort of 50's / Pastel ish look that could be worn by someone who is a cross between Sandy and Rizzo

These specific jeans are no longer available on the website but they have plenty more to choose from

My Etsy wishlisht

If you haven't already guessed it, i love

Its the perfect online shopping destination for so many reasons. Literally anything you could want is on there, and if find what your looking for but its not quite right each seller is only one click away. In all my years on shopping on the site i have received nothing but amazing customer service.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Get The Blogger Experience

BaByliss’ have launched and exciting Facebook competition for all budding bloggers.

The winner will receive a master class on blogging from Really Ree and Jai’me Jan from Boy Meets Fashion and an SLR camera to get them started. They will also get the chance to interview celebrity make-up artist Daniel Sadler for a blog article for the BaByliss blog, the Hairdryer Diaries. The winner and a friend will be invited to London for the weekend, put up in a top hotel and be treated to cocktails, dinner and a spa package. The winner will be announced on 5th of July with the prize weekend on the 14th July. 

To apply all you need to do is upload an article here for the Hairdryer Diaries blog.

Check out Ree's blog for more details 

I have entered - have you ?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My thoughts on Jenny Craig so far

You may or may not already know this but Jenny Craig is a hugely popular and successful diet plan where you get diet meals delivered to your door and as a (past) yo yo dieter i have just finished my second week on the plan with Monday marking the start of week 3.

Jenny Craig was founded in Australia in 1983 by weight loss experts Jenny and Sidney Craig, who sought to establish a company that would incorporate all the necessary benefits of successful weight management (how refreshing to not be just about loss).
 To achieve this the three cornerstones of the Jenny Craig healthy approach to effective weight management are: Food, Body and Mind and i can definitely say this true.
This whole plan really is about educating yourself - you don't just get a load of food and get left to get on with it. There is support at every corner, be it from your consultant or the documentation you get provided which includes your meal plan (which incorporates your own snacks and also helps you put together your own meal if you want something off plan) and also plan handbook which focuses how you can use the plan to best suit you and exercise, along with everything else that can make your weight loss journey successful.
I wasn't convinced the phone support would be enough for me having only ever successfully dieted as part of a slimming club before but it has has been invaluable thus far - i can be honest, i don't feel guilty for cheating when i have had a bad day (and i am one for self hate) and i always finish my phone calls excited for the week ahead, with a plan in place (MIND)

My favourite meal has to be the Thai curry with water chestnuts - nom nom nom

Time to confess
I picked probably the worst time ever to start the Jenny Craig plan, with my exams looming my schedule and my mood were all over the place. The first week went amazingly with me loosing 3 lbs (read here) - the second week i didn't stick to plan (i eat rubbish at irregular times when I'm stressed) and i didn't loose any weight. 
However, despite the slight (read that as huge) slip up i still had my breakfast every day which is a huge thing for me as i hate eating first thing (FOOD). Another important thing is that i felt that i could be honest with my consultant about it and that's important as i am someone who has skipped club meetings for fear of having put on weight. 
As i said, yesterday marked the start of Week 3 and this week I'm focused. I will stick to the plan me and Simon (my consultant) have come up with and i will enjoy it !!
The plan is to up my exercise from zilch to something along with sticking to the Diet Plan. I have a Powerhoop on the way which i am really excited to use, and I'm planning on unchaining myself from my desk at lunch to get a walk in at least once a week (BODY) - I have been assured every little helps so maybe the next 2lb loss isn't so far beyond my reach.
I know i have covered very little plan specifics, but i thought it more important to share my journey.If you have any specific questions check out the website and/or leave me a comment and i will try to answer as best i can.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Twitter Party - You're invited

This Thursday (14th) between 7pm and 8pm the stunning Louise Roe (have i ever mentioned Plain Jane is one of my gulity pleasures)and Weight Watchers will be hosting a twitter party. 

With the help of our favourite bloggers  FabFrocks and Fashion Daydreams they will be answering any fashion related questions you may have.

You can follow the conversations with #wwfashion and they will be giving away Debenhams vouchers to their favourite contributors during the chat.

I hope to see you there - I already have my questions ready !!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Guest Post: ReeRee Rockette Body it ever achievable?

With a number of recent blog posts on her blog that really made me think ReeRee Rockette, owner of seemed the perfect person to speak about body confidence and body acceptance on my blog (and to me), so when she offered on twitter to write guest posts I jumped at the chance.

I am in a constant battle with myself over my body, as someone who has always been fat (technically correct - apologies Ree, but we have different views on the word) I sway on a daily basis between being happy with how to look to feeling frumpy, and then when i diet (purely due to feeling unhealthy) I'm caught up in a guilt cycle, because I'm worried my peers (that include gorgeous girls larger than myself) see fat as ugly which is not the case

Anywho, that's enough preamble for now as Ree's post speaks for itself but i thought i would set the scene and I'm already half composing a response post for the future if  anyone is interested

Body it ever achievable?
ReeRee Rockette

Over the years, despite having never been larger than a large 14, I have had a myriad of varying thoughts about my size. As a younger woman, I pretty much hated my body. All I could see were my fat thighs and my fat belly. It was as if I truly thought my body was wrong, it wasn't what it was meant to be.

My mother has never dieted or shared any body hatred with me, so I can only lay the blame for these illogical and negative thoughts at the door of mainstream media. At what point was my growing size 14 body deemed disgusting and incorrect? How did I learn that bellies should be flat, even when bent over? Why did I think my thighs shouldn't meet in the middle and shouldn't change shape when sat on a chair? No one ever called me fat, I wasn't teased for my body shape, all of this hatred came from within me.

My body did what it needed to do. It travelled the world, boys fancied it, and it allowed me to dance until six in the morning. Yet I hated it.

Now that I am heading to my 30s, my view of my body and its shape has shifted. I am a little smaller than my biggest, as I am now a size 12, but that's not much of a change really! The difference has been in my thinking, and the language I allow myself to use about myself.I would never call myself fat now. Even when I try on a dress and it doesn't fit that week (which happened on a recent trip to Las Vegas!) I don't label myself fat. I wouldn't call a loved one fat, so why would I use it on myself?

 I have accepted that my body is soft, and it has curves and bumps, and they can be awesome. And if they're not awesome, that's ok too. My body is ok.My thighs are allowed to squish when I sit down, and my belly is allowed to have a roll when I lean forward. That is ok, and pretty darn normal. I don't judge people on their body shape alone, so why judge myself? I am more than my waist size, and I don't want to waste my life worrying over a few pounds here and there. I really am too clever and too interesting for that ;-)

This would be a different story if I was morbidly obese, or if my body shape limited my life choices. As I am, my body shape is just fine, and I have bigger things to worry about. Don't get me wrong, I remain conscious enough to not gain weight, extra pounds can make life tougher, but if I want cake, I have cake. Life really is too short.

I sometimes imagine myself, as an old wise lady on her death bed, and I would hate her to wish that she had lived more, and dieted less. Life really is more interesting that how fat we look in our jeans.

If you have been left wanting to read more from Ree, these are my favourite (ish) recent posts on her blog.

'You're looking thin'...