Friday, 25 May 2012

My (pretend) Holiday Wardrobe

I'm not going away this year, and rather than feel left out as my sister goes on and on about her upcoming holiday, i have been spending time browsing the net to find those perfect holiday pieces that would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe when i got home 
(thereby justifying to myself the purchase)

There is a one stop shop when it comes to holiday clothes and that is - who at the moment have an amazing sale on. I'm talking 35% off sunglasses and up to 50% off clothing.

Most of the below clothes were in the sale, so if you need some summer staples then you really should check the site out.

Holiday Wardrobe

Holiday Wardrobe by tbblogger on

as with all polyvore set's if you click on the lickle picture it will take you directly to the shop.

With brands such as SuperdryVero Moda and Rayban in the sale you will be sure to pick up a bargain in time for your holiday.

I'm seriously debating getting myself the Brat &Suzie Boston Dog Dress and if i do then i think a pack of two of these will be making there way into my basket.

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Subtle hey !!


  1. If i do a pretend list it would go on and on and on and on!! but great choices ;)

  2. Thanks - This is the edited version, there is so much in the sale i like but i think even for a prented list 4 pairs of sunglasses is a bit excessive.