Friday, 25 May 2012

Claire English Jewellery :The Jewellery Loop

There is a new place in town for us Jewellery lovers, its called The Jewellery Loop


Originally started as a blog by Erica Abbiss-Biro , the  Jewellery Loop is going to be somewhat of a community blog, where we are all encouraged to share our Jewellery gems and the stories behind them. It's only in its infancy but already has some shared stories. My favourite of which is about the gorgeous 'recycled ring' as i have dubbed it. Check it out here.

And on the front page at the moment is a necklace i have absolutely fallen in LOVE with

The Bubbles Necklace

By Claire English

At £300 it's slightly out of my budget but i cant help but dream that one day the Rose Gold version will be mine.

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