Thursday, 31 May 2012

Random post about a cup of tea

There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea  ~  Bernard-Paul Heroux

I 100% agree with the above and Im sure if you were to have your tea in one of these cups you couldn't help but smile.

          Black and Orange Dangerously Spiky Mug

            Black and Reddish Orange Curvy Dottie Mug

Both from  Symmetrical pottery

I for one am never at my desk (home or work) and I know for certain these would make me smile every time I looked at them.

Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard

At the moment the jewellery items i wear most are earrings. I think when combined with your hair and makeup they can completely change the way an outfit looks.

As i do, when I'm wearing a lot of something i tend to look out for new pieces and etsy really has some gorgeous earrings on it at the moment.

Here are my favourites from only 2 different store.

Each seller has their own unique style which i love, and the pieces are individually beautiful and i could see these going with everything.

Vintage girl at heart

These would be my summer dress to evening dinner dance earring's,

Vintage Mint Green Tear Drop...

Vintage Lime Green ,Textured...

Vintage Pink Mauve Oval Face...

Vintage Pacific Aqua Blue Pe...

Vintage Sapphire Blue Rhines...

Vintage Spring Mint Green Pe...

Vintage Mint Green Peridot ...

Vintage Periwinkle Blue Pear...

I could see myself owning quite a few pairs of these - they (along with my scarves) could become my signature style.

Gwen has her red lip, i can have my pastel earring !!

Ditty Drops
And these are my day out shopping to an evening clubbing choices 

Hypoallergenic Surgical Stai...


Green Sherbet Diamond Astro ...


Pow Wow Pueblo Post Earrings...


Technicolor Polka Dot Post E...


Orchid Ombre Post Earrings -...


Wild Violet Arrowhead Post E...


Raven Black Desert Dune Post...


Pastel Mint Ivy League Strip...


As usual if you click on the shop name you go to the main shop, clicking on an image will go to that product 


Friday, 25 May 2012

My (pretend) Holiday Wardrobe

I'm not going away this year, and rather than feel left out as my sister goes on and on about her upcoming holiday, i have been spending time browsing the net to find those perfect holiday pieces that would fit seamlessly into my wardrobe when i got home 
(thereby justifying to myself the purchase)

There is a one stop shop when it comes to holiday clothes and that is - who at the moment have an amazing sale on. I'm talking 35% off sunglasses and up to 50% off clothing.

Most of the below clothes were in the sale, so if you need some summer staples then you really should check the site out.

Holiday Wardrobe

Holiday Wardrobe by tbblogger on

as with all polyvore set's if you click on the lickle picture it will take you directly to the shop.

With brands such as SuperdryVero Moda and Rayban in the sale you will be sure to pick up a bargain in time for your holiday.

I'm seriously debating getting myself the Brat &Suzie Boston Dog Dress and if i do then i think a pack of two of these will be making there way into my basket.

Worldwide Get The Hint Labels - Wishlist - Gifts from Holiday Wardrobe...

Subtle hey !!

Claire English Jewellery :The Jewellery Loop

There is a new place in town for us Jewellery lovers, its called The Jewellery Loop


Originally started as a blog by Erica Abbiss-Biro , the  Jewellery Loop is going to be somewhat of a community blog, where we are all encouraged to share our Jewellery gems and the stories behind them. It's only in its infancy but already has some shared stories. My favourite of which is about the gorgeous 'recycled ring' as i have dubbed it. Check it out here.

And on the front page at the moment is a necklace i have absolutely fallen in LOVE with

The Bubbles Necklace

By Claire English

At £300 it's slightly out of my budget but i cant help but dream that one day the Rose Gold version will be mine.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Tee-se Me

When i see the merest hint of sun, my wardrobe starts filling up with graphic tee's. 

Here are a few of my favourites c/o Etsy, which i love for tee's as it extremely unlikely the person sat next to you on the bus is going to be wearing the same as you....

               Big Bad Wolf

via Etsy wengergirl

Drop Dead Beautiful (i NEED this, not just want it)

Look it up 

Both from 

Winona Ryder PineShore
( you can never have enough Winony tee's and seeing as i only have 1 i definitely need some more)