Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's all Giorgio Armani's fault

I posted the other week about a Blazer i have been ooohhhing and ahhhing over for a while so i though i would expand the post a little and show you why i have the sudden urge need for another blazer in my wardrobe  ......

It's all down to this gorgeous image from Giorgio Armani's Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

Apart from the practicality of having a blazer than can be thrown on over a top/dress on a mild spring day (optimism !!) they really are versatile. 
I only currently have 1 but its seen me through job interviews, nights out clubbing, romantic meals and trips to the zoo.

Here are my current favourites...

The Vintage Love !!!

               Vintage Deep Purple Stripe Blazer



                                            I still love it !!

The High Street Favourite

Blue/black stripe ponti jacket

I actually coooed out loud over this is store the other day (which seemingly embarrassed one of my colleagues, surely i am not the only person that does that ?)

The if i had the figure and money favourite


I seriously think it's time i have another !!

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