Friday, 27 January 2012

Floral for everyone

Even though I'm really excited about spring there is one trend that's scaring me - Floral.
 I need to tackle my fear !!!

 I'm ready to add colour to my wardrobe, but it's a big jump to go from a wardrobe that could belong on the set of the Craft to a bright colourful wardrobe full of flowers.

I have over the last few days come across some images that make this task seem a little less daunting though.

                                         Uniqlo x Laura Ashley tees (which i found out from FEAL)
Gorgeous Chintz bib from Jan Knibbs
Flower Crowns from Rouge Pony

How do you incorporate floral's into your wardrobe??

1 comment :

  1. beautiful selection! thank you for including some of my images. I LOVE Lana De Ray xxx