Sunday, 22 January 2012

An amazing vintage find....

I want this blazer sooooooooo much. 

I have been looking for a dark striped blazer for i don't know how long, and this one ticks ALL the boxes

          Vintage Deep Purple Stripe Blazer


I am really really tempted to buy it in the hope i can loose a few inches and then it fit like it was made for me. But then, in the meantime i don't want it sat unwearable staring at me everytime i go into my wardrobe.

Dilemma !!

And while we are talking about CapriciousTraveler (which is always my first stop on Etsy when i want to look at pretty vintage things), I thought i would share my spring/summer finds

Vintage 70s Mint Green Speckle Sweater . Pointelle Knit . XS 


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  1. I like the blazer and the sweater! so beautiful colour!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog