Friday, 27 January 2012

Floral for everyone

Even though I'm really excited about spring there is one trend that's scaring me - Floral.
 I need to tackle my fear !!!

 I'm ready to add colour to my wardrobe, but it's a big jump to go from a wardrobe that could belong on the set of the Craft to a bright colourful wardrobe full of flowers.

I have over the last few days come across some images that make this task seem a little less daunting though.

                                         Uniqlo x Laura Ashley tees (which i found out from FEAL)
Gorgeous Chintz bib from Jan Knibbs
Flower Crowns from Rouge Pony

How do you incorporate floral's into your wardrobe??

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Personal Manifesto

Riot Not Diet


Printed cotton T-shirt


I LOVED Meadham Kirchhoff before this tee but my obsession is now taken to a new level !!

The best thing, this is available on up to a size XL !!

Monday, 23 January 2012

My head is in spring

I'm  fed up of  January already - my house is full of colds and I'm not seeing any daylight by the time i leave the office.

As you know i am super excited about Spring, and whilst i cant wear S/S clothes as i don't want to be ill even more than i am, i can wear S/S accessories and the latest additions to my everyday wardrobe are new scarves and sunglasses, both inspired by the Rocha's S/S12 show (which I'm sure you have guessed was one of my fav's, seen as it was featured here and here)


and these are my new glasses....

1950 Marilyn 

Despite the fact i have been told they don't suit me my Marilyn's are being worn loads (i must get a picture for you). Having such fantastic cat eye glasses is like a dream come true as ever since i was little i wanted a pair of cat eye glasses so i could be like Marty Maraschino.

Marty: Do you think these glasses make me look smarter? 
Rizzo: No, you can still see your face. 

1980 Glam

(I know these aren't really Rocha but a pair of oversized sunnies is a must have in everyones glasses arsenal)

Aren't they stunning - I love them !!!

There is something in the Heritage collection for EVERYONE 

Maybe i also need the Pale Blue Donna's so i have a complete collection - we all need some colour in our spring/summer wardrobes ??

Do you buy new sunglasses every summer or do you have one fail safe pair (or do you have one fail safe pair, yet still buy new glasses) ??

Sunday, 22 January 2012

An amazing vintage find....

I want this blazer sooooooooo much. 

I have been looking for a dark striped blazer for i don't know how long, and this one ticks ALL the boxes

          Vintage Deep Purple Stripe Blazer


I am really really tempted to buy it in the hope i can loose a few inches and then it fit like it was made for me. But then, in the meantime i don't want it sat unwearable staring at me everytime i go into my wardrobe.

Dilemma !!

And while we are talking about CapriciousTraveler (which is always my first stop on Etsy when i want to look at pretty vintage things), I thought i would share my spring/summer finds

Vintage 70s Mint Green Speckle Sweater . Pointelle Knit . XS 


Friday, 13 January 2012

My new mantra

My mantra for 2012

Perfectly Imperfect
From SS12 collection

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thinking ahead

As much as i love being able to wrap up in huge jumpers and have a wardrobe full of dark colours, This year i am looking forward to Spring/Summer and injecting a bit of colour into my wardrobe.

So i have been working on my moodboard for the season, and as usual i have taken my inspiration from a person who's style i adore.

This time it's Frenchie from Grease...

The picture is from an AMAZING tumblr -

And here is my moodboard..

Pink hair bow from  AmmeB
SS12 RTW shows from Rochas, Preen and Meadham Kirchhoff