Monday, 19 December 2011

I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest

Furla Candy

The red glittery Candy is A-MAY-ZING - I NEED this is my life

Finally I have found them

I don't/cant wear heel's, yet at only 5'2 i need all the help i can get.

Having become slightly addicted to and their iphone app i have decided that a pair of flatforms will be perfect for me. Some extra height, but the ability to still walk !!

This girl is to blame but i shall mention her more another day !!

Anyway's, i think i have found my perfect pair of flatforms....


What do you think ?

Vagabond have a HUGE range of shoes (and colours, they do an orange Gaga).
 there really is something for everyone !!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Pass on their own story to the next generation

I love the fact that twitter is constantly pointing me in the direction of new (to me) amazing designers with truly lust worthy collections and my latest twitter discovery is Emmanuel Katsaros.

The website is BEAUTIFUL - highly worth a visit, even if from what i say in the rest of this short post makes you think you wont like the collections.

Also the whole label ethos is right up my street. I have written before that i love the idea of owning quality pieces that will last me for years and that i can pass down to Paige. However, many of the timeless classics, while beautiful are void of a certain element of personality (which is why they are classic, and that's not a bad thing). But, with the EK collections your getting the quality with a spark of your own personality, as the label would say....

"For those who want to pass on their own story to the next generation"

The website has got the A/W 11 and S/S 12 collections on and whilst i like every piece in the S/S collection, i think you all know by now that the A/W collections are going to be more me.

Before i even look at a collection now i try to read about the inspiration as i think it makes you look at the clothing in a completely different way, you can appreciate what the designer was trying to achieve even if the clothing is not to your personal taste.

There were many key phrases used to describe this collection (A/W11) that meant i was in love with it from the start.

Exploring Black as a shadow
Full of dark drama
Thirties Germany
Bauhaus movement
palette of beige to black to black via asphalt
Iconic Teapots
Playful dramatic twist
Illusion of skin

and here are pictures of 2 of my favourite pieces from the collection

I fell in love with the ! bag and round sunglasses instantly, in my dreams i would wear these every day, and then as Paige reached adulthood i would pass them on to her.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

If you ever need an excuse to shop

The you have one now...

The Natalie B Coleman online shop is open - Yay !!!

I have declared my love for Natalies 'All the Jewellery I Never Got’ in the past - and I'm officially doing it again.

This is currently in my shopping basket....

€72 - on sale from €90

And if i had the pennies this would be too...

140.00 - on sale from €160.00

Have you treated yourself to an early Christmas present?