Monday, 28 November 2011

Im stealing her style again : Alexis Knox

My style crush on Alexis is no secret - I have posted about her before and if you follow me on twitter you will regularly see me retweeting my favourite outfits from her.

And this weekend she tweeted what has been my favourite everyday outfit yet

This would be my version....

Suspended at Sea, High-Waisted Sailor Pants with built-in Suspenders 
 Bow and Arrow $154
They may seem a little expensive BUT they are made to your exact measurement.
I would LOVE to own these as I dont actually have any jeans at all !!!

For the top I am struggling to decide between

Kokon to Zai


Kokon to Zai
(who i will dedicate a whole post to shortly as i LOVE every single piece in the AW collection)

My scarf of choice for this look would be

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