Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Alternative Accessories Alphabet ~ P

P ~ Peter Pan Collar

a small, flat, round-cornered collar without a stand, popular for women's and children's clothing in the early- and mid-20th century. Peter Pan collars are a popular collar style for younger children. The rounded Peter Pan collars are generally but not always worn without ties or bows.

I have found so many collars I like, and they are all from the fabulous Lumina on etsy

The collars are £12 each (with the exception of a leather studded one (my favourite) which is £18)with shipping in the UK only £1 (£3 internationally) - a complete Bargain !!

Also, some come with option of customisable ribbon which is available in a wide variety of colours..

Black,White,Cream,Dusky Pink,Purple,Navy,Grey and Cherry Red

I'm now off to raid my wardrobe to see what i could wear 1 (or 3) with so i can justify a purchase as they would make any outfit OOTD worthy !!

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