Tuesday, 22 November 2011

All that glitters

If there is one time of the year when you can go at bit OTT with the glitz it is Christmas and i have found the pieces that i would like to add my my accessory wardrobe for this Christmas season.

All that glitter

I think these special edition gold cameras released by Lomography are perfect for this party season.

I have a Diana Mini which i am loving  - I'm practically wearing it like a necklace, and as its so much fun to use i feel like I'm producing a work of art every time i use it
(once i get the films developed i Will share the results)

Diana Mini Gold

• Film Type: 35 mm film

• Lens: 24mm (30mm equivalent on 24x36, 35mm equivalent on 24x17)

• Frame Format: 24mm x 24mm & 24mm x 17mm (select on body)

• Multi-exposure: yes

• Dimension: 70mm x 101mm x 60mm

• Retail price: £109 (purchased HERE)

Even if you don't need a camera yourself i would highly recommend this as the perfect Christmas gift (I have a fish eye camera and a multi lens camera on my Christmas list) !!

Every detail of this camera, down to the instruction booklets that come with is a work of art.


  1. I've been lusting after a Diana camera after seeing them around the blogging community....I like their kitsch nature and the fact they're quite affordable!

    But I also love a bit of sparkle at Christmas time....dont know why but I feel always drawn to anything glittery or anything knitted....

  2. I think being drawn to glitter and knits is a tradition - Im exactly the same !!