Friday, 28 October 2011

Brighten up your day

If these new scarves from the Lucy Jay Texas collection cant brighten up a dreary cold miserable Autumn day i don't know what could...

If i had to choose a favourite it would be this one - I just love the amount of yellow on it !!

Plus the models eyeshadow is beyond amazing !!

You can buy Lucy Jay scarves from...

(the Texas collection is not on here yet but i think everybody should check out the Lucy Jay x Stone and Spear collaboration - I would love all of those prints as scarves)

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Socks, Socks and More Socks

I love that i can use the cold weather as an excuse to wear a huge array of knee high socks and tights with my numerous plain black work dresses.

I think I'm about sorted for tights (i have a veritable rainbow of colours) but I'm now starting to like paring socks and tights together for a different look, so i have spent the last hour (or 2) virtual sock shopping and i have spent over £50 just on

This is what my basket looks like ...

(I want Grey, Black, Grey Beige and Charcoal Grey)

(In Black and Pink)

(in Charcoal Grey and Black)

Any more recommendations on where i can get amazing socks??


Natalie B Coleman studied fashion at Limerick School of Art and Design and on the MA course at Central St. Martins, London. She has worked under threeASFOUR, New York, Ragna Frodadottir a textile designer in Iceland and Joanne Hynes, Ireland.

Inspired by the stories, the secrets and longings for individuality in all women and with a background in strong narratives and quirky romance, Natalie has recently established her own fashion business and label NATALIEBCOLEMAN.
SS12 :All the Jewellery I Never Got

Before i saw a single piece i knew i would love this collection just from the name.

Ever since reading  FAKE Issue One i have been on the hunt for a few pieces of jewellery that make are just an expansion of myself.

So seeing the name of this collection along side Natalies Bio 'longings for individuality in all women' 'quirky romance' made it my favouirte SS12 collection without looking at it. 

I now think, having spent many hours looking at it that is probably one of my FAVOURITE COLLECTIONS EVER !!! I think the fact it has the most amazing gorgeous scarves as part of the collection has cemented its place there forever.

Here are my favourite pieces...

Everybody should check out Natalies Website (and twitter and facebook)

I have spent sooooo long drooling over the dresses and the scarves that this was drawn from memory....

How do i look ??

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Zine Queen

My zine collection is growing by the day.

Here are some of the ones that have recently been added to my collection.....

I love everything about this magazine, I love the paper, the editorials, the illustrations and the mixture of stories.

The highlight for me was the first thing i read - 'Staples' by Sophie Benson, its really got me thinking and I'm now on the hunt for my metaphorical red lippy and 6 rings

I first ordered this purely for the fact that it had a Holly Fulton illustration in it. Now i have come to love all of it, and the blog

The reason i brought this was for the interview and photoshoot with MAUDE NIBELUNGEN - If your planning on rocking the crochet look in the spring ala Mark Fast then i think you would like this editorial.

And here are a few that are on my shopping list...



Hopefully this is winging its way to me as I type (though it is also available for download)

Friday, 14 October 2011

Join the Tribe





Yet another Etsy gem i have stumbled upon, I love everything thing in the store but i thought i would just share my favourites.

I am totally skint but I'm still thinking a pair of the stockings or leggings may have to be purchased whilst i am saving up for a dress....

Friday, 7 October 2011

Inspired by Etsy : Geometric

I haven't posted an Etsy favourites for a long time so I thought I would remedy that, and as you will see there is kind of a theme with what I'm loving at the moment....

 Gorgeous necklaces from a spoonful of mint

Prints £8.60(ish) each from Rachel Loves Bob

As usual underlining means links - so one click and your at my favourite shops

Not to be overlooked

I also found these beauties on Etsy but i thought they needed a post of their own so as not be to overlooked.

They are designed by

They are £40 each (which for something that looks as good as these seems to be a bargain)

To say I love these is an understatement, I really would like all 3 starting with the Metallic one, though they would all be perfect for dressing up a LBD this Autumn.


New pretties I need

I havent posted about Wonderland Contraband for ever so I thought I would share some of my new favourites.....

Damon, Elena and Stefan - Miniature Sculptures - Charm Pendants

 I think i need to start some sort of charm bracelets from all of my exisiting collection and the new ones to be shortly added to it.


Ethel Vaughn presents UBERGANG‏


ETHEL VAUGHN stands for pure design, formfitting cuts, clear detail and high quality materials. Special attention is given to the femininity and masculinity of the collections. The pieces show strong and sensual women and brave and casual men, yet without being old-fashioned or conventional but curious and open-minded.
  There is one stand out piece in this collection for me :-
I love the Sundew Shirt,
 I could see myself wearing the black one all year round as it's so versatile.
Sadly for me its only in stock at in Rose otherwise it would have been mine....
I'm definitely going to be keeping a beady on on upcoming Ethel Vaughn collections, the pieces are amazing as is the styling of the look books. The Ubergang look book has to be the best one i have ever seen - the setting, styling and model are so effortlessly GORGEOUS
available from...

Thursday, 6 October 2011

One stop shop

No words describe how amazing this shop is so you should just go look ...............

It's my idea of Tee heaven

(I had a tank version of this top in my shopping basket and then is disappeard so someone must have checked out before me and got the last one, im gutted)

Mistress (she looks like Elvira)

These are just a few of my faviourites, im only up to page 5 of 20 pages of womens tee's

IM IN HEAVEN -  Now to decide what to get !!!