Saturday, 17 September 2011

Window Shopping : Autumn Icon

Having recently decided that my A/W style inspiration was going to be Wednesday Addams, I decided some shopping was in order.

As pennies are tight (and my husband views things like food and petrol as more important than clothes) all I could really do was Window Shopping (is it still called that when you do it online??)

Having read about a fantastic competition to win £300 of vouchers a month for a year, on I thought I would make their site my first stop, and here is my Wednesday inspired outfit...

After finding this dress (black, grey, long, warm - PERFECT FOR AUTUMN) the rest of the outfit just fell into place....

The shoes are just amazing - everyone needs some Jeffrey Campbell shoes and glittery ones are extra special.

I would wear the cape constantly - It would add that 'Addams twist' to absolutely every outfit.

No outfit of mine is complete without a scarf, and one with insects on was the obvious choice. 


And here is a visual representation of me in said clothes...

(my scanner didn't pick up my orange insects on the scarf so i attempted to take a picture but to be honest that's not much better)

Its totally life like isn't it ??
( I'm sure you can tell from the picture i haven't picked up colouring pencils since art class and there is a very good reason for that)


Who or what is going to be your style inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2011?
Have you entered the Zalando competition - I would love to see your entries

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  1. Love the look, specially that cape. Are you planning the wear the classic combo of white collar shirt+ jumper/cardigan, so characteristic of ms. Wednesday? Or maybe a fitted pencil dress with a detachable crisp white collar, for work?

  2. I have been going for black dresses with white peter pan collars for work. I have even purchased myself a clip in plait (which i know is really sad but my hair is too short for pigtails and i thought a fishtail plait was more grown up)

    T x