Friday, 30 September 2011

In keeping with the Theme

I posted a while ago that Wednesday Addams was going to be my style inspiration for autumn.

Since then i have stumbled upon quite a few pieces that she would love to wear, and the majority of these have been on and from the Fearne Cotton Range. 

I have never purchased from before and haven't even looked at the Fearne range, as i had in my head 14 or so would be the largest size.
 It's not - The pieces go up to a 20 which is very very impressive for a celebrity range.

These are the pieces that have made it to my (somewhat huge) wish list...

Fearne Cotton Cobweb Knit Midi Cardigan £27

Fearne Cotton Fringe Shrug £19

I think Wednesday would approve...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Window Shopping : Autumn Icon

Having recently decided that my A/W style inspiration was going to be Wednesday Addams, I decided some shopping was in order.

As pennies are tight (and my husband views things like food and petrol as more important than clothes) all I could really do was Window Shopping (is it still called that when you do it online??)

Having read about a fantastic competition to win £300 of vouchers a month for a year, on I thought I would make their site my first stop, and here is my Wednesday inspired outfit...

After finding this dress (black, grey, long, warm - PERFECT FOR AUTUMN) the rest of the outfit just fell into place....

The shoes are just amazing - everyone needs some Jeffrey Campbell shoes and glittery ones are extra special.

I would wear the cape constantly - It would add that 'Addams twist' to absolutely every outfit.

No outfit of mine is complete without a scarf, and one with insects on was the obvious choice. 


And here is a visual representation of me in said clothes...

(my scanner didn't pick up my orange insects on the scarf so i attempted to take a picture but to be honest that's not much better)

Its totally life like isn't it ??
( I'm sure you can tell from the picture i haven't picked up colouring pencils since art class and there is a very good reason for that)


Who or what is going to be your style inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2011?
Have you entered the Zalando competition - I would love to see your entries

zalando fashion frenzy

Sunday, 11 September 2011

His N Hers

As my graphic tee collection is spiralling out of control (or at least out of my wardrobe onto the floor), I have decided that I am going to change tactic's.

I'm going to buy my hubby tee's that I can BORROW...

(This would be my bad mood tee - for when I'm in a huff)

Those are the first four on my shopping list, and are all from ~ I'm sure he will appreciate them all.

as usual product names link back to where the product can be purchased.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pure British Style!

I think that here in the UK we do Autumn fashion amazingly
(could be because of the pants weather it feels autumnal more than it should)

I'm still continuing to try and improve my shoe wardrobe, so here are my are Autumn/Winter picks from in true BRITISH style.


I think these boots would look fab with these NEW LOOK coloured Jeans and the amazing HENRY HOLLAND crochet scarf


If there is any style of shoes associated with the UK it's the BROGUE and I think the colours on these are stunning.

I could see ALEXA CHUNG in these...


The designer speaks for it all - BRITISH FASHION ROYALTY

And then there is these.....


I was in two minds about posting these as I know they are a love/hate item - me, I love them and really really want a pair to keep my toes warm in winter. I also think they would go brilliantly with the mustard colours that are going to be filling everyone's wardrobes imminently.

Acne mustard amazingness modelled by ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY 

As always product titles are linked to where they can be purchased.
Product pictures are from
Collages are courtesy of me, Paige, some glue and a couple of magazines

Monday, 5 September 2011

Enough said

After a disasterous shopping trip in which i was left feeling about this big (i'm doing tiny fingers), Fashion Hayleys blog on the amazing Gisela Ramirez, and her own attitude with fashion bullies could not have come at a better time.

Gisela Ramirez

This tee speaks for itself - all I need to do now is get it into my wardrobe

Everyone should go follow Hayleys and Giselas blogs for amazing fashion musings

Lydia would love Little Fille

As soon as i saw this Little Fille headband i thought of Beetle Juice.

 Soooo i came up with a look (of sorts, a look without any clothes) that Lydia Deetz would be proud of.

I think everyone should check out the shop which is like a sweet shop for those of you like me who LOVE headbands.

You should also take a trip over to the blog where the most generous giveaway is currently being held

ps: the camera is the Diana Mini from Lomography - Its sooooo pretty. I have been spending ages browsing the site, I have my fingers crossed one day that I own one.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dorothy wishes

Dorothy might have had her red glittery shoes but they have nothing on these amazing glasses from........

Saturn - Pandora - Red
Saturn - Tavros - Grey
Saturn - Dione - Orange
New Sculpture - Marvin - Red Front

I know the last pair aren't glittery but they are toooooooo fabulous not to mention.

 Sadly I'm not in London to check them out in person at their Flagship store ](6 Conduit Street) so I will have to make do with the pictures online for now - If anyone has a pair i would lurve to see pictures !!!

Thanks to the fab Bunnipunch for highlighting this amazing brand

5Preview : Tee's I NEED

AW2011: WHATEVER top.  €95 

AW2011: T-shirt "FREUD" €60

 i LOVE this tee - if i had to pick 1 favourite piece it would be this. 

5Preview + UN Women Sweden "LIBERTÉ" €55

Together with UN Women Sweden, 5preview has chosen to support the fight against human trafficking. The proceeds of this product willgo in full towards UN Women Sweden's current work in this area.


They also have produced a zine together with UN Women Sweden (which i shall be ordering as soon as i finish writing this post, as i am slightly obsessed with zines/magazines at the moment but there is a post to come on that another day)


5 Piece Paper n° 3 €1

You can visit the website here or if like me you want the shop to be your first stop click here (or on the product names above).

They also have some amazing bargains in their outlet store

Oversize T-shirt "DEDICATION" €34.80

I think you will agree that this is a MUST-HAVE

I cant really finish writing a post about a brand that have a scarf without featuring it can i - Its yet another one added to my scarf wish list.

AW2011: ROME silk scarf. €65










Friday, 2 September 2011

It's beyond embarrassing

What I'm talking about is my shoes selection.....

2 work shoes + 2 fit flops (the comfiest shoe in the world) + 1 pair flats = my shoe collection

I practically have one type of shoe - flat,black and comfortable.
And, i don't have nearly enough pairs

I think i have a pair of trainers hiding somewhere and I also thought i had a pair of black wedges (Yay for heels) but i have no idea when i last wore them, or last saw them.

My scarf collection is coming along nicely, and I'm starting to find jewellery in the strangest of places so i obliviously have enough of that, so its onto the SHOES.

I have been on a virtual shopping trip and these are what i want to add to my collection.

A nice mix of height, colour and comfort