Sunday, 21 August 2011

Me and a cup of hot chocolate

I posted a while ago about the fabulous designer and artist Meo.

She draws the most amazing illustrations and at the moment she has 7 of these illustrations available as scarves in her etsy shop

These are only $50.00, and if it were not for the customs charges I would have at least Confused in my collection by now.


Saturday, 13 August 2011

Alexis Knox Update !!

At the time of writing my Alexis Knox style steal post the other day, I didn't know where the amazing catsuit in this picture had come from....

I now know its by Alice Vandy

Trawling back through her blog I have found something that really really excited me...

Urbanised Bugs

I LOVE anything that mixes fashion with bugs !!!

These urban bugs would make an A-MAY-ZING scarf print

I cant wait for the online store to be up and running so I can see what she has to offer.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Style Steal : Alexis Knox

After watching her weekly on NewLook : Style the Nation i developed a slight (read that as huge) style crush on Alexis Knox.

She is STUNNING, she would look amazing in a bin bag but all of her outfits are A-MAY-ZING

I want yellow shoes !!!

Photos are from her Facebook page

I LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these outfits !!!

The bright pink hat in the first picture is from the Fabulous (as Paigey would say) Velvet Village

Having looked at their facebook page there are so many pieces that have been added to my wish list, but this is my very favourite piece...

I love the yellow one and the black  but a black one with yellow spots would be my dream

Alexis is also a fan of scarves and wore one from Age of Reason one week on Style the Nation.

I think their scarves are amazing !!!!

 Russian Dolls + Bondage = Perfection
 (though it might not be one i could wear to work)

from Jell-O

You can find Alexis, Velvet Village and Age of Reason on Twitter too
(just click on their names)