Friday, 8 July 2011

New on my radar : Violet Darkling

My love for 'unusual' jewellery is well documented (here, here and here) and even before seeing the pieces, I knew the Violet Darkling pieces would be 101% my style.

Violet Darkling is the alter ego of New Zealand born designer Louisa Richwhite. Inspired by the 'darkness' and all things nocturnal, teamed with her outdoor roots and quirky humor, Violet Darkling reflects a desire to make life just a little more magical.

And they don't disappoint

Violet Darkling’s striking signature piece, the Tarsier Ring, is realistically modelled on the skull of a wide-eyed tarsier, a nocturnal primate of the Philippines


Solid Sterling Silver Skull and Black Rhodium plated Solid Sterling Silver Shank with a fine jewellery finish.


Black Rhodium plated Solid Sterling Silver Skull, 18K Rose Gold plated Shank and Citrine with a fine jewellery finish.

Then there's the Wolfling Ring


The Wolf Skull ring is a unique piece that will add an element of rock chic to your look. Solid Sterling Silver Bone, Shank and 18K Rose Gold.

I love all the VD designs (there are many more rings,necklaces,earrings,cufflinks etc), everything has an edge when you look closely, but from a distance they are just beautiful pieces that could be worn every day.

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  1. the 1st one with the huge eyes looks so cute hehe

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