Friday, 8 July 2011

Mixed Emotions

Buying and wearing Vintage is something i really really want to do.

When you see people like Pearl rocking vintage pieces on a regular basis you struggle not to be inspired

Everybody should follow Pearl - she is amazing

But then i start thinking about actually going out and getting some pieces, and my irrational fear of shopping (which is magnified at the thought of shopping vintage) kicks in.

I don't know what suits me !!
High street sizing baffles me so vintage is sure too !!
Am i spending too much money on tat ??

That's something like the internal dialogue i go through when I'm planning a shopping trip.

And then through the joys of twitter  i stumbled upon 2 online vintage shops that i know are going to make my like easier  for accessories for clothing (and accessories too) is now my favourite shop to browse.

This is one of the best 'organised' vintage shops online, that i have ever found

You can search by size, colour, era, piece, trend... the list is endless.

Are there are soooooooooo many pieces its ridiculous

As though they knew my fears of vintage sizing, the sizes go up to 20 and each piece has the actual measurements in the description.

If size and money were no issue, these would be staples in my wardrobe

This looks like something Baby from Dirty Dancing wold wear !!!

I cant comment on the customer service as i have brought anything yet but if the amount of information available on the site is anything to go by, i would be pretty sure there will be no problems.

I'm now off to do some more browsing !!!

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