Friday, 15 July 2011

Future Vintage

I think it’s pretty obvious from any of my past posts, but I will say it again anyway. I love (but am slightly scared of) wearing vintage and I have always wanted a satchel.

Now I have the perfect bag that ticks both of these boxes.

Purple 11 inch satchel

Technically my new satchel is not vintage, but it’s future vintage. This bag is going to last me forever (and its covered by a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee) and I’m already planning on making Paige use it as her school bag (when she’s old enough to want a fashion one)


It’s also based on designs that haven’t changed much since the 70’s and it’s made by a company (or to be accurate the fantastically talented staff of this company) who have been making these since the 60’s.

I think by default this qualifies as a vintage gem and is now an every day staple. I don’t leave the house without it!!!

As i'm planning on having this as a forever bag, I went for the extra little touch of having it embossed ( I have blind embossing, but theres other options too and you can see these here)

 I’m soooooo so pleased with how this came out – It’s been beautifully done and adds such a special touch,

If Paige looks after this as well as I’m going to, I can picture this sitting in her wardrobe when she has children and the initials on the bag will make such a talking point.

Onto the practicalities, there is a colour or size for everyone.

From the 11” like mine which I use for a handbag, the sizes go through to a 15” which is big enough for a laptop.

I also have to add, that although it’s only a little thing, but I think the adjustable handle is a brilliant touch (and the range of length is huge)

As if I need to say it again, Its an amazingly beautiful bag !!!

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