Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fantastic concept (and scarves !!!!!)

When i was taking my firs tentative steps around Topshop's flagship store last week my eyes honed in upon this stunning scarf.

A little digging when i got home reveled it was part of the The Beta Fashion project, and is by graphic artist  Elmira Amirova

The Beta Fashion project was launched with the goal of creating unique and affordable clothing for fashion forward individuals. We have established a new model for the fashion design process - contemporary fashion created on an open platform in collaboration with designers from around the world. More than just a fashion label, we wanted to start a new design initiative that would change the way fashion is created and consumed.

From what i can see from the site the idea is that anyone can upload designs that fit into a specific category (which at the moment is Wallpaper) and then on review from 'extended design community' the piece may go on to win a category, at which point it will be made and sold through various outlets.

That's my take - The full instructions are listed here in more detail

Back to the scarf in topshop - I didn't buy it at the time because the queues were ridiculous (to me) and we were pushing it tight for the train anyway.  I'm now gutted i didn't as i cant find it on Topshop online and its not currently in the Beta Fashion Online Shop

However, this beauty was in the online shop and hopefully it will be winging it's way to me shortly.


There really is a scarf design for everyone in the shop and at £35 these are a real bargain !!

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