Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fantastic concept (and scarves !!!!!)

When i was taking my firs tentative steps around Topshop's flagship store last week my eyes honed in upon this stunning scarf.

A little digging when i got home reveled it was part of the The Beta Fashion project, and is by graphic artist  Elmira Amirova

The Beta Fashion project was launched with the goal of creating unique and affordable clothing for fashion forward individuals. We have established a new model for the fashion design process - contemporary fashion created on an open platform in collaboration with designers from around the world. More than just a fashion label, we wanted to start a new design initiative that would change the way fashion is created and consumed.

From what i can see from the site the idea is that anyone can upload designs that fit into a specific category (which at the moment is Wallpaper) and then on review from 'extended design community' the piece may go on to win a category, at which point it will be made and sold through various outlets.

That's my take - The full instructions are listed here in more detail

Back to the scarf in topshop - I didn't buy it at the time because the queues were ridiculous (to me) and we were pushing it tight for the train anyway.  I'm now gutted i didn't as i cant find it on Topshop online and its not currently in the Beta Fashion Online Shop

However, this beauty was in the online shop and hopefully it will be winging it's way to me shortly.


There really is a scarf design for everyone in the shop and at £35 these are a real bargain !!

On the hunt : Pixie Knitwear

I saw a mum at nursery wearing this Ted Baker cardigan the other day and I fell in love with it..

Seeing this top made be realise i need some geometric knitwear in my wardrobe, and by the magic of twitter (me @Talulabblogger, them @pixieknitwear) i was later that day, introduced to PixieKnitwear who have a huge range of pieces, many of which have some geometric element.

I'm still narrowing down a list of my favourites before i make a purchase however, these are what have made the first cut.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Girls who wear glasses! : Hero & Cape


This tee is A-MAY-ZING !!!
I have just got myself some brand spanking new glasses from London Retro and i think the occasion should be celebrated with a new t-shirt.


Who doesn't want a superhero crest ???

I have surprised myself by really really liking this.
 Blues, purples, pinks and hearts are something you would not normally find in my wardrobe but i have a sneaky feeling you might soon.

All of these are from the brand spanking new

 A new British fashion label that makes you the hero of the story, with unique original hand drawn illustration & screen printed T-Shirts! They promise to be a T-Shirt brand with a difference by incorporating fashion and hand drawn graphics. The illustrations are the work of one very talented graphic designer, Niki Lau!

The shop has already made it to my favourites bar - I will most definitely be making a purchase and keeping an eye out for new pieces.

I'm sure you know the web address by now but if you don't ....

Friday, 15 July 2011

Future Vintage

I think it’s pretty obvious from any of my past posts, but I will say it again anyway. I love (but am slightly scared of) wearing vintage and I have always wanted a satchel.

Now I have the perfect bag that ticks both of these boxes.

Purple 11 inch satchel

Technically my new satchel is not vintage, but it’s future vintage. This bag is going to last me forever (and its covered by a 5-year craftsmanship guarantee) and I’m already planning on making Paige use it as her school bag (when she’s old enough to want a fashion one)


It’s also based on designs that haven’t changed much since the 70’s and it’s made by a company (or to be accurate the fantastically talented staff of this company) who have been making these since the 60’s.

I think by default this qualifies as a vintage gem and is now an every day staple. I don’t leave the house without it!!!

As i'm planning on having this as a forever bag, I went for the extra little touch of having it embossed ( I have blind embossing, but theres other options too and you can see these here)

 I’m soooooo so pleased with how this came out – It’s been beautifully done and adds such a special touch,

If Paige looks after this as well as I’m going to, I can picture this sitting in her wardrobe when she has children and the initials on the bag will make such a talking point.

Onto the practicalities, there is a colour or size for everyone.

From the 11” like mine which I use for a handbag, the sizes go through to a 15” which is big enough for a laptop.

I also have to add, that although it’s only a little thing, but I think the adjustable handle is a brilliant touch (and the range of length is huge)

As if I need to say it again, Its an amazingly beautiful bag !!!

Have a go Navajo

Following on from my last post on Navajo accessories, I wanted to share two of the Tee's that are on my shopping list to go with my new dungarees, and they are both from



So threatening yet so pretty

Katie Rowland
£265 £225

Friday, 8 July 2011

New on my radar : Violet Darkling

My love for 'unusual' jewellery is well documented (here, here and here) and even before seeing the pieces, I knew the Violet Darkling pieces would be 101% my style.

Violet Darkling is the alter ego of New Zealand born designer Louisa Richwhite. Inspired by the 'darkness' and all things nocturnal, teamed with her outdoor roots and quirky humor, Violet Darkling reflects a desire to make life just a little more magical.

And they don't disappoint

Violet Darkling’s striking signature piece, the Tarsier Ring, is realistically modelled on the skull of a wide-eyed tarsier, a nocturnal primate of the Philippines


Solid Sterling Silver Skull and Black Rhodium plated Solid Sterling Silver Shank with a fine jewellery finish.


Black Rhodium plated Solid Sterling Silver Skull, 18K Rose Gold plated Shank and Citrine with a fine jewellery finish.

Then there's the Wolfling Ring


The Wolf Skull ring is a unique piece that will add an element of rock chic to your look. Solid Sterling Silver Bone, Shank and 18K Rose Gold.

I love all the VD designs (there are many more rings,necklaces,earrings,cufflinks etc), everything has an edge when you look closely, but from a distance they are just beautiful pieces that could be worn every day.

Mixed Emotions

Buying and wearing Vintage is something i really really want to do.

When you see people like Pearl rocking vintage pieces on a regular basis you struggle not to be inspired

Everybody should follow Pearl - she is amazing

But then i start thinking about actually going out and getting some pieces, and my irrational fear of shopping (which is magnified at the thought of shopping vintage) kicks in.

I don't know what suits me !!
High street sizing baffles me so vintage is sure too !!
Am i spending too much money on tat ??

That's something like the internal dialogue i go through when I'm planning a shopping trip.

And then through the joys of twitter  i stumbled upon 2 online vintage shops that i know are going to make my like easier  for accessories for clothing (and accessories too) is now my favourite shop to browse.

This is one of the best 'organised' vintage shops online, that i have ever found

You can search by size, colour, era, piece, trend... the list is endless.

Are there are soooooooooo many pieces its ridiculous

As though they knew my fears of vintage sizing, the sizes go up to 20 and each piece has the actual measurements in the description.

If size and money were no issue, these would be staples in my wardrobe

This looks like something Baby from Dirty Dancing wold wear !!!

I cant comment on the customer service as i have brought anything yet but if the amount of information available on the site is anything to go by, i would be pretty sure there will be no problems.

I'm now off to do some more browsing !!!

Friday, 1 July 2011

A splash of colour

I am determined to add some colour to my wardrobe this summer.

As I sit here writing this, I am in black and white (and in fact thinking of it, considering its my day off I am still wearing something that is entirely suitable for my 9-5 office job), and even my nails have no colour on.

My favourite colour is yellow, so seeing as I am not brave enough to wear yellow clothes here are two BRIGHT YELLOW accessories that are on my shopping list the summer..

Yellow Stingray Bangle