Saturday, 4 June 2011

You probably wont believe me

You probably wont believe me but sometimes I really do like to look femenine - kind of over the top femenine, I strive to look like a 50's starlet.

With my build, a dress is really the only way to go about this. I dont at the moment have very many dresses, let alone, vintage style ones but upon seeing someones twitpic of this dress i have absolutely fallen in LOVE.

Black-White Lucky Dog
How perfect is that !!!

The shape - Perfect
The lenght - Perfect
The colours - Perfect
The stripes - Perfect

The black and white stripes give it an edge (they remind me of Beetle Juice) (obviously) without compromising on the femininity at all.

The fact it's monochrome also means it would be an dream to accessorise !!!!

This largest size is just a teeny bit small for me at the moment - but its a fab incentive to loose a few more pounds.

It shall be on my wish list to the day it fits me (and which point it will be mine), until then I will be fawning over that dress and the many other beauties (including amazing Helen Rochfort bags) on on a regular basis.

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