Friday, 17 June 2011

Summer Hair

To me Summer hair is wild and free with a slight curl just at the ends.

I think my view comes from the hours upon hours i spent during the week watching Australian soaps, especially Home and Away

Isabel Lucas as Tasha

Sadly for me my hair is poker straight, so any type of curl i want requires a level of styling.

I have tried everything - tongs, straighteners, heated curlers, perming rollers

However, my favourite tool for achieving the perfect beach curl is my Curlformers

Curlformers can be used to create a variety of looks, from prom-perfect curls to the latest red-carpet textured styles. Available for short, medium and long hair and for various sizes of curl, they are suitable for all hair types and can be applied in the comfort of your own home where you can always ask mum or a friend to help.

As i have layers in my hair, i have 3 different sizes of curlformers that i mix and match dependant on the placement.

To get the beach look i start my curlers further down my hair - this way i get most of the movement at the ends.

These pictures were taken straight after the curlformers had been taken out, i like to sleep on the curls for a night to get my favourite look.

I would also like to point out that i put mine in really haphazardly and so the curls look messy - which is what i want.

If you want beautiful regular curls for a evening do, then this is a easy to do with a bit of sectioning.

The range has curlers for long and short hair, and also curlers for narrow and wide curls.

They are affable as a starter kit (40 Curlformers,2 Styling Hooks and a 'How to use' instruction leaflet ) for £44.50 or as individual packs £8.45 of up to 8 curlers for those who want to try a few first, or want to add some to their starter kit (which is what i have done).

The instructions that come with it are fab, and really easy to follow. There is also an instruction video on the website which is really useful.

It mentions having someone help, but even on my first attempt I used them on my own and with sectioning , it only took me 22 minutes (i timed it). I can now do it in about 13 minutes if i want them messy, and as i tend to put mine in the morning (when i have a day at home planned) i don't even have to worry about the time spent drying the hair.

I highly recommend the curlformers for easy styling - I can definitely see why they are Your Hairs best hair buy of 2011.

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