Friday, 17 June 2011

On my radar...

My love for obsession with scarves is still growing.

The designs available and the versatility of scarves is never ending.

You could wear the same outfit everyday and yet make it look competely different with different scarves.

The newest brand to appear on my radar is kundalini arts

These stunning scarves are the shared creative vision of dynamic duo Mandala Bob and Philip Shadbolt, who have been co-creating their inspirational art works for over a decade.

The imagery is taken from original paintings by Philip which are then digitally processed by Bob. Still works of art, though now in silk instead of canvas these vibrant scarves combine incredible colours and fabulous
detail on the highest quality silk satin.

Inspiration is drawn from their personal affinities with the Orient, Art Nouveau and Deco periods, traditional Indian styles, and the Belle Epoque sensibility.

My favourites are the Art Nouveau and Deco style pieces.

The colours are so vibrant, the designs so detailed and they look sooooo expensive and timeless.

I wouldnt normally consider wearing/buying anything verging on baby blue but the last scarve is beautiful, the design really breaks the colour up and I think it would be fantastic way to get a new colour into my wardrobe. 

Thew scarves will be available from selected boutiques in time for Christmas
I will update with stockist details as soon as I can

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