Thursday, 9 June 2011

I have a dilema

Three of the most amazing pairs of tights have ended up in my possession this week, and my dilemma is i don't know what to wear them with to do them justice.

I love tights, i have more pairs of tights than anything else in my wardrobe. I don't just wear them in winter either, as i have to keep my tattoos on my legs covered up for work all year round as soon as a skirt comes out so does the tights.

However, these tights kinda aren't suitable for work so i need to make sure i do them justice and the weekend, and i want to do this without resulting to wearing them with my work garb

Let me introduce the tights...

Celeste Stein

Celeste Stein

Celeste Stein

Aren't they amazing !!!

There is a HUGE range of prints available in the Celeste Stein range, from Comics to Skull Prints, there is something for everyone. (that sounded like it came straight off an advert but it wasn't, i don't quite know how to word it differently though)

So the clothes bit - I literally have nothing to wear with them and this is my short list of styles so far ( not necessarily the exact pieces as these wont fit me).

These two are from Just Female and available on
So my list is super short in that i have gone for a shirt dress and that's about where I'm stuck at.
I'm really not brave enough with my clothes - hence my fascination with accessories.
Please help - what would you wear the tights with ???

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  1. I would wear a short black mod dress (sixties style) with the first two and something monocolourful with the last. :) Not so far from your idea though.