Friday, 24 June 2011

A bag for life

I have wanted the perfect satchel ever since I started work, when I started having to carry round a notebook diary, calculator etc etc around whilst visiting clients.

Now, as well as all my work bits and bobs  at the weekendes im also never without some calpol, baby wipes and some muslins. O ntop of that theres the bits my daughter just cant leave the house without, and then gets fed up of carrying around within 5 minutes.

I dont know why I think a satchel fits the bill of my perfect bag, I cant decide whether its the purely a practical fact ( loads of space and it can be accross body ) or its the romantic idea of having a bag that will last forever and that I can hand down to Paigey.

Having decided I am fed up of rotating 3 bags dependant on the occassion, I re-ignited by hunt for the perfect stachel in advance of my upcoming birthday

These are my 3 bags - a grey leather smart ish bag for work and 2 Primarni accross body bags for all other occassions

And look what I found...

Vintage Satchel Bag hand-crafted from Deep Purple Hide from The Leather Satchel Co.

The colour is stunning !!!
It's bright enough to fit in with this seasons colour blocking trend, yet it's still a classic colour that is suitable for all occastions

And for that extra special touch it can be embossed - I love this option !!!

As well as making stunning bags, the brand definately  sells the idea that these bags are something to treasure and keep forever.

Our satchels have a magical and traditional feel that only comes when they are crafted with experience in leatherwork that is passed down from generation to generation and with crafting techniques gathered from artisans the world over.

Prices in the amazon store (currently) range from £66.60 to £75.50 but you like the Facebook page you can buy through that page and get special offers.

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