Friday, 24 June 2011

Considering im so scared...

Considering I am absolutely petrified of birds in real life (the thought of one getting in my hair makes me cry) I am really really surprised with how much I love these Bird hair clips from Now, Voyager.





They are so different to any other hair accessory I have seen before.
I could see myself wearing all of the above on different occasions, the lil hummingbird would be perfect for every day wear and the large yellow humming bird would be a perfect hair accessory for a wedding.

The product names will take you directly to the shop if you click on them.

Fabulous Frames : London Retro

As a glass wearer, I find nothing more exciting than choosing new frames.

Having said that, as they can be soooooo expensive I havent changed my plain black Bench frames for 3 years as I havent found any that I LOVE untill today...

I normally ignore adverts that pop up on Facebook, but this one has taken my interest.

(if you like the FB page you are entered into a draw to win 2 pair of frames)

I know very little about the brand, infact all i really know is i need a pair (or two) of their glasses.

Once the website launches I will be back with an update

A bag for life

I have wanted the perfect satchel ever since I started work, when I started having to carry round a notebook diary, calculator etc etc around whilst visiting clients.

Now, as well as all my work bits and bobs  at the weekendes im also never without some calpol, baby wipes and some muslins. O ntop of that theres the bits my daughter just cant leave the house without, and then gets fed up of carrying around within 5 minutes.

I dont know why I think a satchel fits the bill of my perfect bag, I cant decide whether its the purely a practical fact ( loads of space and it can be accross body ) or its the romantic idea of having a bag that will last forever and that I can hand down to Paigey.

Having decided I am fed up of rotating 3 bags dependant on the occassion, I re-ignited by hunt for the perfect stachel in advance of my upcoming birthday

These are my 3 bags - a grey leather smart ish bag for work and 2 Primarni accross body bags for all other occassions

And look what I found...

Vintage Satchel Bag hand-crafted from Deep Purple Hide from The Leather Satchel Co.

The colour is stunning !!!
It's bright enough to fit in with this seasons colour blocking trend, yet it's still a classic colour that is suitable for all occastions

And for that extra special touch it can be embossed - I love this option !!!

As well as making stunning bags, the brand definately  sells the idea that these bags are something to treasure and keep forever.

Our satchels have a magical and traditional feel that only comes when they are crafted with experience in leatherwork that is passed down from generation to generation and with crafting techniques gathered from artisans the world over.

Prices in the amazon store (currently) range from £66.60 to £75.50 but you like the Facebook page you can buy through that page and get special offers.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

If ever a bag summed up a trend

If ever a bag summed up a trend, then it would be this one.

Pauls Boutique Maisy Bag = Colour Blocking

I have had a PB Maisy bag on my wish list for so long that i don't even know where the obsession started.

I had always wanted the black patent until today when i saw this pink and orange one (though ideally i would love both, one for work and one for play)

This is what i need (just like the Kandee shoes) to add some colour to my look without stepping too much out of my comfort zone.

Friday, 17 June 2011

On my radar...

My love for obsession with scarves is still growing.

The designs available and the versatility of scarves is never ending.

You could wear the same outfit everyday and yet make it look competely different with different scarves.

The newest brand to appear on my radar is kundalini arts

These stunning scarves are the shared creative vision of dynamic duo Mandala Bob and Philip Shadbolt, who have been co-creating their inspirational art works for over a decade.

The imagery is taken from original paintings by Philip which are then digitally processed by Bob. Still works of art, though now in silk instead of canvas these vibrant scarves combine incredible colours and fabulous
detail on the highest quality silk satin.

Inspiration is drawn from their personal affinities with the Orient, Art Nouveau and Deco periods, traditional Indian styles, and the Belle Epoque sensibility.

My favourites are the Art Nouveau and Deco style pieces.

The colours are so vibrant, the designs so detailed and they look sooooo expensive and timeless.

I wouldnt normally consider wearing/buying anything verging on baby blue but the last scarve is beautiful, the design really breaks the colour up and I think it would be fantastic way to get a new colour into my wardrobe. 

Thew scarves will be available from selected boutiques in time for Christmas
I will update with stockist details as soon as I can

Yet another amazing tee find

My graphic tee obsession has started to spiral - Im making a purchase a week at the moment.

This weeks puchase  is ....


£20.00 - mega bargain !!!!

Part of the three piece spring collection by Ted Pearce

I really really really hope the 'Steve Bush' Illo makes it to the next collection - Its fab
(though i wouldnt know whether to wear it or frame it) 

Summer Hair

To me Summer hair is wild and free with a slight curl just at the ends.

I think my view comes from the hours upon hours i spent during the week watching Australian soaps, especially Home and Away

Isabel Lucas as Tasha

Sadly for me my hair is poker straight, so any type of curl i want requires a level of styling.

I have tried everything - tongs, straighteners, heated curlers, perming rollers

However, my favourite tool for achieving the perfect beach curl is my Curlformers

Curlformers can be used to create a variety of looks, from prom-perfect curls to the latest red-carpet textured styles. Available for short, medium and long hair and for various sizes of curl, they are suitable for all hair types and can be applied in the comfort of your own home where you can always ask mum or a friend to help.

As i have layers in my hair, i have 3 different sizes of curlformers that i mix and match dependant on the placement.

To get the beach look i start my curlers further down my hair - this way i get most of the movement at the ends.

These pictures were taken straight after the curlformers had been taken out, i like to sleep on the curls for a night to get my favourite look.

I would also like to point out that i put mine in really haphazardly and so the curls look messy - which is what i want.

If you want beautiful regular curls for a evening do, then this is a easy to do with a bit of sectioning.

The range has curlers for long and short hair, and also curlers for narrow and wide curls.

They are affable as a starter kit (40 Curlformers,2 Styling Hooks and a 'How to use' instruction leaflet ) for £44.50 or as individual packs £8.45 of up to 8 curlers for those who want to try a few first, or want to add some to their starter kit (which is what i have done).

The instructions that come with it are fab, and really easy to follow. There is also an instruction video on the website which is really useful.

It mentions having someone help, but even on my first attempt I used them on my own and with sectioning , it only took me 22 minutes (i timed it). I can now do it in about 13 minutes if i want them messy, and as i tend to put mine in the morning (when i have a day at home planned) i don't even have to worry about the time spent drying the hair.

I highly recommend the curlformers for easy styling - I can definitely see why they are Your Hairs best hair buy of 2011.

Colour Blocking for the brave

How amazing are these shoes !!!


I think i need a pair of these to inject some colour into my wardrobe
(though beacuse of the height they would be for nights out only)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A match made in heaven

 I make no secret that of the fact I am huge Fred Butler fan (am i a fan???, im not sure fashion icons have fans but i cant think of a better word) and my love for lazy Oafs amazing graphic tee's has just been ignited.

They have collaborated on 3 pieces, which while being at high street prices are definately identifiable as the handiwork of Fred.

Lazy Oaf X Fred Butler

This is my favourite - my mum had said she would get it for my birthday but i couldnt wait and ordered it yesterday.

Lazy Oaf X Fred Butler

Lazy Oaf X Fred Butler

Thursday, 9 June 2011

I have a dilema

Three of the most amazing pairs of tights have ended up in my possession this week, and my dilemma is i don't know what to wear them with to do them justice.

I love tights, i have more pairs of tights than anything else in my wardrobe. I don't just wear them in winter either, as i have to keep my tattoos on my legs covered up for work all year round as soon as a skirt comes out so does the tights.

However, these tights kinda aren't suitable for work so i need to make sure i do them justice and the weekend, and i want to do this without resulting to wearing them with my work garb

Let me introduce the tights...

Celeste Stein

Celeste Stein

Celeste Stein

Aren't they amazing !!!

There is a HUGE range of prints available in the Celeste Stein range, from Comics to Skull Prints, there is something for everyone. (that sounded like it came straight off an advert but it wasn't, i don't quite know how to word it differently though)

So the clothes bit - I literally have nothing to wear with them and this is my short list of styles so far ( not necessarily the exact pieces as these wont fit me).

These two are from Just Female and available on
So my list is super short in that i have gone for a shirt dress and that's about where I'm stuck at.
I'm really not brave enough with my clothes - hence my fascination with accessories.
Please help - what would you wear the tights with ???

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Eye see you

All of these rings are part of the new collection 'Mixed Bag 'by Marika King

I think my favourite is the 2 female eye ring, though saying that the 1 male ring has a sinister edge I really like.

They are available for $35 each with free worldwide shipping here

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Beetle Collection

I love stumbling upon new (to me) online clothing and accessories shops.

I especially like finding one that has a Beetle capsule collection.

The shop with the beetles is

There are 14 pieces in the collection : 2 scarves, 1 jacket, 1 skirt and 10 dresses.

As per usual I love both scarves and one of the dresses is calling my name too.




Saturday, 4 June 2011

You probably wont believe me

You probably wont believe me but sometimes I really do like to look femenine - kind of over the top femenine, I strive to look like a 50's starlet.

With my build, a dress is really the only way to go about this. I dont at the moment have very many dresses, let alone, vintage style ones but upon seeing someones twitpic of this dress i have absolutely fallen in LOVE.

Black-White Lucky Dog
How perfect is that !!!

The shape - Perfect
The lenght - Perfect
The colours - Perfect
The stripes - Perfect

The black and white stripes give it an edge (they remind me of Beetle Juice) (obviously) without compromising on the femininity at all.

The fact it's monochrome also means it would be an dream to accessorise !!!!

This largest size is just a teeny bit small for me at the moment - but its a fab incentive to loose a few more pounds.

It shall be on my wish list to the day it fits me (and which point it will be mine), until then I will be fawning over that dress and the many other beauties (including amazing Helen Rochfort bags) on on a regular basis.