Friday, 20 May 2011

Week 6 with my Ki ~ Taking the stairs

I have been out of the office visiting a client this week, and whilst my job wherever I am is always going to be mainly sedentary, the stairs in my clients building have made such a difference to my calories burnt this week.

Every dayIi have had to climb 3 set of stairs to my desk, back down 1 set every time I need to collect some records, and then down to the ground floor, and back up again every time I needed a cup of tea.

My calorie burn for a normal 24 hour's including a standard 8 hour work day is 2297

My calorie burn, just for the 8 hours I was at my client's was 2599

 That's 302 extra calories without even taking into account the remaining 16 hours of the day.

I can definitely feel it in my legs and bum ( Pippa Middleton bum here I come) and it hurts , but I think to see the extra calories being burnt has definitely helped me to makeup my mind to break up with the lift at work permanently.

Like I have said again and again - the reason I love my Ki is thats it's a teaching tool.
No rules to follow - just easy to analyse data and goals to reach.

Read more about the Ki and my thoughts on week 1,2,3,4 and 5 here 

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