Sunday, 1 May 2011

Week 5 with my Ki ~ A different perspective

I overheard something at an Easter egg hunt that I took Paige (who is 3) too last week and it petrified me.

This is the jist of a conversation I heard between 2 girls who couldn’t have been any older than 11/12.

‘How many calories do you think there are in this Easter egg, I picked the smallest one I could’

‘How many calories have you already eaten today?’

The girls then go on to list exactly what they had eaten that morning, and their exercise plans for the day, before coming to the conclusion they would have to save their eggs for another day so they didn’t get too fat.

Does that scare anyone else or is it just me???

Maybe it’s the fact I have been a yo-yo dieter for all of my adult life, and I stress that I was an adult when I started to diet, and I know how consuming it can be.

Or maybe it’s the fact i'm a parent of a beautiful little girl and I always always want her to feel like she is perfect and it upsetting to think girls that young don’t think they are beautiful (which they were).

This got me thinking about how my dieting affects Paige and so I asked her a few questions.

Me:What is a calorie?
Paige : I don’t know

Me:What do scales do?
Paige: Tell you how old you are

I wish!!! Paige actually gets very upset when she is asked to weigh herself at the doctors as they still tell her she is 2 when she just turned 3.

Me:If you had the choice between Chocolate and a Banana what would you eat to be healthy?
Paige :Both!!!

Those answers to me were perfect to me as I had after digesting what i had heard for a few hours had started to make me worry about how much Paige was picking up on my lifestyle.

This whole scenario really made me appreciate how discreet the Ki can be as a dieting tool and im convinced now that this gadget/tool is the way forward.

Paige knows I am wearing an armband – she doesn’t know what it’s for

She knows I like to take her to the park to run around – she doesn’t realise its helping me get my steps up and burn more calories

She knows I like to try and eat fruit and vegetables and smaller portions but she doesn’t see my log me food, which I only do once she has gone to bed.

The food log feature on the Ki is fantastic at making logging quick and easy. As I tend to east similar breakfasts and snacks each day of the week, I just pick that I have eaten the ‘same as’ as there is no need to enter any more info. No need for me to be looking up calories on boxes which Paige might see me doing.

In quick summary, I am glad my daughter hasn’t picked up that I’m on a diet and I think that the Ki is a great teaching tool  that focuses on living a healthy sustainable lifestyle (and that’s something when the time comes to it, I will be happy to teach my daughter about)

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